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Elder Scrolls Online: The Unique Mechanics Of Arcanist Class Will Have A Big Impact On Game’s Resource System

Posted: May 08, 2023

Posted: May 08, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Arcanist class, one of the most popular classes in Elder Scrolls Online, was the third class to be added to the game after its release. It comes with a variety of exclusive mechanics, and there’s even one that might benefit all classes in the game.

Abilities available in Elder Scrolls Online generally require Magicka or Stamina to be cast. However, certain skills of Arcanist class can help players use the most skills possible within the range, rather than being locked into one resource type. This mechanic has huge implications for many classes and has the potential to change how all Elder Scrolls Online classes work.

When senior developer Rich Lambert said that Arcanist class will offer players a whole new experience, he wasn’t kidding. This ability to change the player’s inherent resource needs through skills is a unique and interesting gameplay experience in ESO, because it is also a new way to effectively handle the game’s resource system.

ESO: The Unique Mechanics Of Arcanist Class Will Have A Big Impact On Game’s Resource System

Therefore, players can also upgrade the build by spending ESO Gold, unlocking other available skills. Previously, skills were locked into a single resource type, which would not change regardless of the circumstances. With the introduction of Arcanist class into the game, it could mean a complete change in the way the resource system as a whole works.

However, it’s important to recognize the importance of the resource system to the player’s gameplay experience. ESO Unlike MMORPGs like Final Fantasy 14 and World of WarCraft, none of the characters’ abilities in Elder Scrolls Online have long cooldowns.

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To compensate for this, skills often consume Magicka or Stamina to prevent players from using certain powerful skills indefinitely. This feature is a determining factor in how players construct their character builds.

For example, players who want to take Mage route need to reserve Magicka. However, if this mechanic is copied to other classes, it will have a big impact on how players deal with the resource system.

For example, Deep Fissure is a skill usually associated with Warden characters using Magicka, since the skill consumes Magicka. It has the unique ability to inflict a primary and secondary damage debuff on anyone it hits, making it a powerful skill.

ESO: The Unique Mechanics Of Arcanist Class Will Have A Big Impact On Game’s Resource System

But because it uses Magicka, Warden characters using Stamina will avoid using this skill. If classes like Warden accept this change, then Stamina-using Wardens will be able to use this powerful ability.

This has the potential to be a good thing, as it allows the class to use skills they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. However, this Elder Scrolls Online course approach also hides a tremendous disadvantage.

If every class accepts this mechanic, it may end up homogenizing the classes into a single entity, making them indistinguishable from each other. For example, if Deep Fissure skill was used in Elder Scrolls Online using both Stamina and Wardens builds using Magicka, it could result in two counterparts of a class lacking identity because they are too similar.

For this reason, if other classes are to receive Arcanist’s unique mechanics, we must do it in moderation to prevent loss of class identity.

Right now, it's time to wait and see what the developers will do with how this unique mechanic of the Arcanist class works. But regardless of how the mechanic actually works, players are still excited about how Arcanist will improve class exploration and mobility.


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