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Elder Scrolls Online: Is Hunters Glade Worth Buying? - A Full Review

Posted: Sep 25, 2023

Hunter's Glade is back again! From now until October 3rd, you can pick it up in the Crown Store for 8,000 crowns unfurnished, and 10,000 crowns for the furnished version. 

For those who don’t know it, Hunter's Glade is a player manor and also a portal to the Hircine’s Hunting Grounds that can be found northeast of Riften. If you have lycanthropy, you can remain in werewolf form in this place indefinitely.

Elder Scrolls Online: Is Hunters Glade Worth Buying? - A Full Review

Hircine Statue & Is The Furnished Version Worth It? 

The Hircine Statue (Statue of Hircine’s Bitter Mercy) is the most notable furnishing item, costing 2,500 crowns on its own, so if you want this statue it’ll save you a little bit of crowns.

But if not, it isn’t, in my opinion, worth the upgrade to the furnished version. 

Elder Scrolls Online Statue of Hircine's Bitter Mercy

Size, Location & Furniture Limit 

This is a notable home, located not far from the werewolf shrine in the Rift, with a furniture limit of 700 with ESO +, and 350 without.  


When you initially enter the home, you’re in a foyer that has a portal to the glade and a small room down the stairs. 

Noteworthy Features Of The Glade 

There are no structures inside of the glade. It is only an open area, so there are tons of room to build. 

The unfurnished version includes the glowing mushrooms. Everyone loves a good piece of glowing furniture. The sky is awesome, and there are beautiful waterfall views for miles all around the glade.  

Infinite Werewolf Form! 

Naturally, since this glade is dedicated to the lord of the hunt himself, if you’re a werewolf, you can transform to your beast form and indefinitely stay in it. 

There isn’t anything to hunt here. But it is a neat feature you won’t find in any other house and makes for a quick way to run around when you’re decorating. 

Overall Review 

This is one house that is hard to beat. The fact that it doesn’t have structures could make you love it for its freedom or hate it for its lack of interior space.

But the furnishing limit for the price tag is a big positive. And even though this house is years old, it is still really visually stunning. 

When this house initially released, players speculated it would cost 12-14K crowns or more. The 8K crown price tag is great by comparison. 

Similar Cheaper Alternatives 

However, if you want an open area to build in and the visuals don’t sell you, or you don’t like the Crown Store in general, your cheapest similar option is the Coldharbour Surreal Estate, which you can buy for 1 million ESO Gold instead. 

Or, you could look at Moonsugar Meadow for 6,400 crowns, but it pails in comparison to this one when you’re still spending crowns. 


If you’re looking to snag the Hunter’s Glade, or have been waiting for it to come back, remember to pick it up before it leaves the Crown Store on Oct 3rd. Or, you could be waiting another year or 2 before it cycles back again!


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