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Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To Secrets Of The Telvanni Event

Posted: Sep 26, 2023

Posted: Sep 26, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Today we take a look at Elder Scrolls Online’s Secrets of the Telvanni Event. Secrets of the Telvanni Event is a celebration of Elder Scrolls Online Necrom Chapter. To take part in Secrets of the Telvanni Event, you need to have your own Necrom Chapter. Secrets of the Telvanni will run from September 28 to October 10, 2023.

Secrets Of The Telvanni Event Community Challenge

ESO announced on Twitch’s Update 40 Stream that Secrets of the Telvanni Event will once again bring challenges to the community like in past years.

ESO: Secrets of the Telvanni Event Guide

When the mission progress reaches 33,3%, we can unlock Ebony Scarab Pet. At 66,6% we can unlock Nightmare’s Nest Marking, and at 100% we can unlock Kelesan’ruhn player house.

To help increase the community meter, you must complete the daily repeatable activity task, Turn the Page. During the event, you can complete quests in Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha to earn double rewards. These tasks include:

  • Defeat World Boss and Delve Boss enemies
  • Complete Necrom Daily Repeatable Missions
  • Kill the boss in Sanity’s Edge Trial
  • Gain double yield from Harvesting Nodes on Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha


Completing the first daily repeatable quest, or daily event quest “Turn the Page” in Necrom, will reward Sublime Secret Telvanni Coffers. It contains valuable loot and an abundance of ESO Gold. Rewards you have a chance to find include:

  • Unique Motif Pages
  • Furnishings
  • Furnishings Recipes
  • Companion Gear
  • Kwama Miner’s Kit Outfit Style
  • Ashen Militia Weapon Style
  • New Apoycrypha Expedition Armor Style Pages

Also, you can find rare Secret Telvanni Coffers by participating in events within Necrom. But these Coffers have a lower chance of providing rare rewards.

ESO: Secrets of the Telvanni Event Intro

How To Take Part In Secrets Of The Telvanni Event?

To take part in Secrets of the Telvanni Event, you can travel directly to Necrom and begin your adventure. Alternatively, you can get the event quest: Secrets of the Telvanni for free in Crown Store.

You need to talk to Master Faras of Necrom Outskirts and complete his request. You will then receive an event coffer as a thank you for your help and work. And you’ll unlock the daily repeatable campaign mission, Turn the Page.

In Necrom, you can find a variety of daily repeatable missions. Ordinator Tilena in Necrom will give you one of six daily repeatable exploration missions. Ordinator Nelyn in Necrom will give you one of six group boss daily repeatable quests.

Each character can only pick up one explorer and one group leader per day. However, if you team up with other players and ask them to share missions, you can complete all 6 Daily Missions and all 6 Group Boss Daily Missions.

Also, Ordinator Tandasea will provide you with Bastion Nymic daily repeatable missions. This mission can only be completed once per day and cannot be shared with other players. Keep in mind that it designed Bastion Nymic for 4 players, so maybe you can ask other players for help.

You can also complete 1-week repeatable trial missions in Necrom. Telvanni Master Wizard offers you the quest for Sanity’s Edge Trial, War Within. When you enter Trials, you’ll find the weekly quest giver at the entrance.

ESO: How To Take Part In Secrets Of The Telvanni Event?

Event Tickets

During Secrets of the Telvanni Event, each account can receive 2 Event Tickets per day. Also, you will receive 2 Event Tickets when you complete a Daily Repeatable Mission or Sanity’s Edge Weekly Mission for the first time in Necrom.

Event Merchant

As always, this Impresario Event Merchant will have unique items available during the event. You can purchase new Apoycrypha Expedition Style Pages with 5 Event Tickets per page. In addition, Impresario also offers Passion Dancer Blossom fragments, all three fragments of Passion Dancer Garment Costume, and more.

Indrik Vendor will also open her store during the event. She offers Nascent Indrik Feathers, Onyx Indrik Berries, and Mossheart Indrik Berries in Q3 2023. You can also buy Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet and Sapling Indrik Pet.

Finally, Impresario’s Assistant Philius Dormier will also be opening his shop during Secrets of the Telvanni Event. He offers Unstable Morpholith pet fragments and Deadlands Firewalker Personality fragments in the third quarter of 2023.

Anyway, that concludes this Secrets of the Telvanni Event guide. I hope this event will bring surprises for us. Have a nice day.


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