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Elder Scrolls Online: Thoughts On The New Group Finder In Update 40

Posted: Sep 22, 2023

Posted: Sep 22, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Today I want to talk about the new New Group Finder in Elder Scrolls Online Update 40. Update 40 is ESO’s last content update this year. With it, the developers bring the series into a rich multiplayer environment.

And the upcoming Update 40 will simplify some of the biggest balance hurdles and introduce some much-needed quality of life changes. One of them is the new Group Finder.

Elder Scrolls Online: New Group Finder In Update 40

New Group Finder

If you regularly team up with other adventurers. The new Group Finder allows you to create parties for almost any group activity in ESO. This includes Dungeons, Arenas, and the upcoming Endless Archive Trials PVP and more. We will finally be able to get the new Group Finder tool in Trials.

I know more people have been wanting Group Finder to be available in Trials for a long time. So this new Group Finder tool seems to be very helpful for the development of Endless Archive.

ESO: New Group Finder Tool

Group Finder Advantages

The new Group Finder lets you organize raid parties, or easily farm for ESO Gold without being restricted by your guild members. You can queue up to join a public group to add other players to your party who are looking for a specific target of your choice. Or you can create your own and hand-pick your team.

You can make a list to find players to fill out your existing team. Even starting as a single player, you can create a group and set the parameters for what you want to find. Or you can search for a group that already exists and wants to do the same thing as you.

The new tool also allows you to adjust the criteria for group membership and the conditions they must meet. It explains things like a player’s Champion Points level, whether they use in-game voice chat, their play style and desired team character composition. So this will give you the option to really build your team based on whether you’re a Hardcore player or not.

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Whether you're someone who likes to hang out and have a delightful conversation with people, or you want to do some harder content and you want some excellent players with a higher CP. You can set parameter criteria for this new Group Finder tool in many ways.

Plus, teaming up with other adventurers should be easier than ever using the new Group Finder. I think many people saw this and were really excited about it. Because Group Finder in the game has needed to be updated for a long time.

ESO: We Are Getting A Brand New Group Finder In Update 40 For All Content!

Group Finder Disadvantages

However, this new Group Finder will also bring some problems. Now, if you were to split, you would know the drawbacks of these different groups.

Let’s say if you start Endless Archive Trials PVP between Dungeons and Arenas and create a custom group. You can further split it into different groups such as player CP level, in-game voice chat, game style, group composition. This shrinks the pool further, causing the game to take longer to search for players.

Considering each one might have a different parameter set, you’re now spending more time queuing for tank heals or DPS. This takes a long time, especially as a DPS.

But if you want to meet a specific group, you can add another layer to filter out certain content you know the parameters for. Hopefully, this doesn’t really slow down the process.

Elder Scrolls Online: Thoughts On The New Group Finder In Update 40

Final Thoughts

However, I'm guessing there may be other uses for Group Finder. Because if more people are using it in Dungeons and Trials, they will probably use it in PVP and Endless Archive. But whether it will fill up a certain player pool more than other mechanics remains to be seen.

But I think overall this is definitely a significant upgrade compared to Group Finder we’ve had over the past few years. Just hope it doesn’t slow down our queue time. Anyway, let’s look forward to its arrival!


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