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Elder Scrolls Online: Best Houses You Can Buy With Gold!

Posted: Sep 01, 2023

Posted: Sep 01, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Are you currently looking to buy a house with your gold but not sure what house fits your needs?

This guide will cover the houses in ESO that are the best value for what they offer when you’re spending your hard-earned ESO Gold.

Elder Scrolls Online: Best Houses You Can Buy With Gold!

Snugpod, Grahtwood 

Starting with the cheapest on the list, Snugpod in grotwood is in a great location.

Not only is this one the cheapest, it also offers the most convenience. It is not far from the wayshrine right next to the Undaunted Enclave. It has a Stable Master directly across from the front door and is just a short walk to hand in your Writs and Master Writs. The houses there are all at the low price of only 45,000 gold.

This is a small house with a furnishing limit of only 200 with ESO Plus and 100 without. It doesn’t have an exterior that you can decorate and it is only one floor. But the ceiling is high enough that you could build a second floor yourself.

Sleek Creek, Reaper’s March 

Sleek Creek in Reaper’s March is in a great location.

Just a short walk to town and directly across from your front door is the Thieves Den, with no guards to encounter along the way. If you like the crime system, this house is definitely for you.

This one is a medium-sized home with a 400 furniture limit or 200 without ESO Plus, costing 335,000 gold. It is also a nice one to decorate since it has both an interior and exterior space.

Captain Margaux’s, Glenumbra 

Located in the town of Daggerfall, Captain Margaux’s Place is similar to Snugpod in size and price, offering some of its own conveniences with merchants and a banker right outside.

It is a small house with a furnishing limit of 200 with ESO Plus and 100 without, and no exterior space with the price tag of 56,000 gold

Ravenhurst, Rivenspire 

Costing 260,000 gold, Ravenhurst is located in the small town of Fell’s Run in Rivenspire.

I personally really love this house for leveling my Legerdemain skill tree. It is in a town that is full of common people and drunks, which are perfect for the early levels of thievery and there are no guards in the entire town. Pair this one with Sleek Creek and you can steal all day without any issues. 

There is a wayshrine nearby, but the town itself doesn’t have much else to offer.

Ravenhurst itself is a nice medium-sized home and has an exterior courtyard with a furnishing limit of 400 with ESO Plus and 200 without.

Mournoth Keep, Bangkorai 

Mournoth Keep is another medium-sized home, this time located in Bangkorai right next to a wayshrine.

It is an orc style home with an interior and exterior that resembles a small castle if that’s the type of style you’re looking for. It has a 400 furnishing limit for ESO Plus and 200 without and will cost you 325,000 gold.

Autumn’s-Gate, The Rift 

Autumn’s-Gate is another great house for the price, at only 60,000 gold.

This house has a nice cabin style aesthetic in the woods of The Rift. This is a solid option if you just want to decorate. It has an interior and exterior and a furnishing limit of 200 with ESO Plus and 100 without.

It’s not far from a wayshrine. But if that’s what you’re looking for, there are more convenient options.

Alinor Townhouse, Summerset 

The Alinor Townhouse is one of the most expensive on the list at just over 1 million gold.

So, what makes it so special? It is located right in the heart of Alinor, directly next to the open aircrafting circle. 

If you are someone who does your daily risks, this house is perfect, offering quick access to complete your dailies in unarguably the most beautiful zone in the game to date.

It also has all of the conveniences that a main city offers: wayshrine, bank and merchants. The furnishing limit is 600 with ESO Plus and 300 without. But it would be incredibly difficult to fill this house with its three floors and a courtyard with only 300 items.

So, keep that in mind before buying if you don’t have ESO Plus. You must have access to the Summerset zone and have unlocked the Summerset Grand Adventurer achievement for completing 33 quests in the zone to buy it with gold.

Houses with Furniture Resell Value 

There are also some homes that will allow you to recoup some of the cost by selling rare tradable furnishing items that only come with the houses.

Unfortunately, there's only one that makes a considerable difference in the house price on Console.

  • Kragenhome in Stonefalls cost 69,000 gold and comes with the unique Dark Elf Bed of Coals fire pit. You can at a minimum recoup the full price of the house. But on most servers, you can even make a good profit. 

There are some others that are worth checking out on PC, but the amount saved on other platforms by reselling is a lot less.

  • The Velothi Reverie, which also comes with the Dark Elf Bed of Coals 
  • The Ald Velothi Harbor House in Vvardenfell, which comes with the Hlaalu Well, enclosed shed, sidewalks, and Wall Posts.
  • The Amaya Lake Lodge, which is also in Vvardenfell and has an open Halalu Shed and well.

There are a ton of other homes in the game, but these are the best bang for your buck. If you haven't already, be sure to pick up all the free homes while you are in the market for Tamriel real estate.


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