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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Unlock All 11 Free Houses?

Posted: Aug 22, 2023

Posted: Aug 22, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Houses in The Elder Scrolls Online can get incredibly expensive. Most players consider housing, an endgame activity due to the gold and potential Crown sync. 

However, there are some free houses that everyone can get and some houses introduced with expansions that you can unlock for free if you own the corresponding DLC. 

Elder Scrolls Online: How To Unlock All 11 Free Houses?


Each character that you make is given a free apartment at the beginning of the game through the “Room to Spare” quest, providing additional storage spaces and a location to place the all-important Armory station. 

Although these houses are not overly fancy, they are useful to have and a solid starting point if you’re interested in housing. Owning any or all of these spree houses will provide you with some serious conveniences, especially if you’re new to the game. Having a home allows you to fast travel to it for free from anywhere in the world without any cooldown.

Since most of these free options are located at inns in major cities, this gets you a quick free trip to town at any time without having to go to the nearest wayshrine. Owning a property will also allow you to place any furnishings you’ve collected that you want to save without having to sacrifice valuable bank space.

For even more storage, you can buy large storage chests with 60 slots apiece and coppers with 30 slots apiece. This comes to a massive 360 slots across all eight chests and coppers that only take up eight housing slots.

How Many Houses Can I Unlock? 

Every character that you create can unlock one inn-room for free by completing a room to spare. 

However, once a house is unlocked by a single character, it is unlocked in your Collection account wide, meaning your other characters will be able to access it once it is unlocked.

The “Room to Spare” quest only takes a few seconds to complete, making it well worth the time to simply create a new character to unlock the next free house.

What Happens To My House If I Delete A Character?

Since the houses are added to your Collection account wide, even if you delete a character after having unlocked a home with them, you will maintain your access to that home and any furnishings that you placed inside.

Elder Scrolls Online Free House

Mara’s Kiss Public House, Auridon 

The Mara’s Kiss Public House is located in the city of Vulkehl Guard in Auridon

The Rosy Lion, Glenumbra 

The Rosy Lion is located in the city of Daggerfall in the zone of Glenumbra.

The Ebony Flask, Stonefalls 

The Ebony Flask is located in the city of Ebonheart in the zone of Stonefalls.

St Delyn Penthouse, Vvardenfell 

The St Delyn Penthouse is located in Vivec city in the zone of Vvardenfell.

Golden Gryphon, Summerset

The Golden Gryphon Garrett can be found at the Alinor, located in the zone of Summerset.

Sugar Bowl Suite, N Elswyer 

The Sugar Bowl Suite is located in the zone of Northern Elswyer in the city of Rimmen, conveniently located near the Baandari Bazaar, which offers every type of crafting station: Merchants, Bank, and Wayshrine.

Missing only the transmutation and Armory stations, which can be placed in the home itself, this apartment has almost everything a character could need. It also makes for a great free bash travel spot located right next to a wayshrine if you don’t want to spend your ESO Gold to travel from the middle of nowhere.

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Snow Melt Suite, W Skyrim

The Snow Melt Suite is located in Solitude in the zone of Western Skyrim.

Pilgrims Rest, Blackwood 

Pilgrims Rest is located at the Kaladas Inn in Leyawiin in the zone of Blackwood.

Ancient Anchor Berth, High Isle 

The Ancient Anchor Berth is located in Gonfalon Bay in the zone of High Isle.

Journeys End, Telvanni Peninsula 

Journeys End Lodgings is located in Necrom in the Telvanni Peninsula.

Hall of the Lunar Champion 

And we saved the best for last. This expandable free manner is located in the town of Rimmen located in Northern Elswyer

The Hall of the Lunar Champion is a manner with four different unlockable wings and a furnishing limit of 350 to 700, depending on if you have ESO Plus or not, making it the largest free housing available.

It takes more time and effort than the other houses to unlock, but it is well worth the work, containing three unlockable sections that require completion of the content added during the 2019 Season: Northern Elswyer, Southern Elswyer, and the two Scalebreaker Dungeons. 

Unlock & Lunar Champion Tablet 

The manor itself and the Behold the Lunar Champion Tablet are both acquired as rewards from the fourth Zone Story quests - “Two Queens” in Northern Elswyer.

Tablets are placed on the manor’s altars to allow access to the other sections of the home. When the first tablet is placed on the Jonelight Altar, the other pedestals are activated, sending light beams to each of them. The mail you receive after unlocking the house explains this further.

Betrayal Tablet

The Behold Khunzar-ri’s Betrayal tablet is obtained from completing the final Zone Story quest, the “Heir of Anequina” in Northern Elswyer and can be placed on the Altar of Betrayal, opening a portal to an overlook of the Halls of Colossus. 

Guile Tablet 

The Behold Khunzar-ri’s Guile Tablet is obtained as a reward for the Scalebreaker Scout achievement by completing Lair of Maarselok and Moongrave Fane.

It can be placed on the Altar of Guile and opens a portal to a secluded exterior location within Moongrave Fane.

Ambition Tablet 

And the Behold Khunzar-ri’s Ambition Tablet unlocked at the end of the Southern Elswyer zone questline. It can be placed on the Altar of Ambition, opening a portal to the Lion’s Cradle, a raised Khajiit house, overlooking Pridehome.

This is a very unique house on its own, but it is also a great sized home that would normally run hundreds of thousands of gold or real world money via the Crown Store to acquire.


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