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Elden Ring: Who Is The Hardest Boss So Far? - Strategies For Dealing With Boss

Posted: Jun 24, 2023

For more than a decade, FromSoftware has been known for its carefully crafted game difficulty, but once players overcome the difficulty of the game, the sense of victory you get will be even stronger. These design principles are most evident in Elden Ring. Elden Ring is an open-world RPG. The game links in it really fascinate many players, and it has also received unanimous praise from players.

Elden Ring Hardest Boss

But in addition to the game content in Elden Ring, its difficulty factor is also iconic. Puzzling mysteries and secrets to explore provide a high level of challenge throughout the game, keeping players hooked. However, what scares you the most in Elden Ring is the many Boss Battles. Although the difficulty coefficients of these Boss are different, the more difficult Boss Battles will be listed below.

Boss list

Fire Giant

Most players think it's fairly ordinary when they hear this name, but it's definitely not as powerful as you might imagine. Fire Giant takes up a lot of space on your screen, and although its attack speed is relatively slow, each attack will cause you fatal damage. So when you want to attack it, you'd better use Elden Ring Runes to buy equipment or materials to strengthen the defense in advance.

Elden Ring Fire Giant

In addition to its massive shield, Fire Giant is also capable of launching fire-based projectile attacks at you, catching you off guard. Fire Giant is also very large, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of your attack.


Above we mentioned Fire Giant, which is characterized by being huge but slow. Malekith is just the opposite. Malekith is a small but very fast Boss, so when you meet the Malekith Boss to fight, you will find that the overall rhythm is very fast. It is good at lurking and luring, and when the player approaches Malekith, its attack will catch you off guard. So when you attack it, you must carefully pay attention to Malekith's movements to facilitate your defense and counterattack. But this is only the first stage of Malekith, when Malekith reaches the second stage, it will be more terrifying, and the damage done will be more deadly to you.

Elden ring malekith

Radagon of the Golden Order/Elden Beast

In terms of game tactics, these two Bosses are independent.

The first Boss is Radagon, its attack is very brutal, if you want to fight against it, you must first learn to survive in the battle. Its attack methods are also quite changeable. You can perform Melee Combat with players or perform large destructive actions. All of these require you to use strategies to avoid and counterattack. Just be careful not to use up your healing items while fighting Radagon, because you'll also be fighting Elden Beast.

Radagon Elden Ring

Elden Beast is also a devastating Boss. It is good at attacking players from a distance, and if you don't dodge it, it may kill you directly. But if you defeat both of the above bosses, the item drops you get are very rare.


For most Elden Ring players, Malenia is one of the scariest Bosses in the FromSoftware game series, scaring many players.

Elden Ring Malenia

Malenia's attacks are fast and fierce, and each of its attacks threatens your health, so you have to dodge them as much as possible.

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