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Elden Ring: A Complete Guide To The Level 150 Lightning Uchigatana Build! - Raptor Of The Mists

Posted: Jun 19, 2023

Here I will show you my Level 150 Lightning Uchigatana Build. Uchigatana is a Katana sword Strength and Dexterity stats mainly affected whose damage output.

This is the starting weapon of Samurai Class and has Unsheathe weapon skill by default. It can infuse this weapon with Ashes of War and buffed with magic and consumables. These skills make the Uchigatana a very reliable Katana, and possibly even one of the most versatile weapons in the Elden Ring.

Plus, it has an accumulation of blood loss. This is a very nice weapon built for Dexterity. If you like this weapon build or if Uchigatana fits your playstyle, then you should definitely not miss this build guide. It will help you understand more about how this build works. So let’s get started.

Elden Ring: Complete Guide To Lightning Uchigatana Build - Raptor Of The Mists

Uchigatana & Raptor Of The Mists

In addition to Samurai Class, you can also find Uchigatana in Deathtouched Catacombs in Stormhill Limgrave.

I like to infuse this weapon with Ash of War Raptor of the Mists and choose Lightning as the primary weapon Affinities. With this Ash of War, you can duck and disappear in an instant. It allows you to quickly escape into the air if an enemy attack chains up.

This Ash of War is great for countering, so you’ll need to wait for the perfect moment to do it. You can find this Ash of War after helping Bloody Finger Hunter Yura defeat his target at Raya Lucaria Academy.

Elden Ring: Ash of War Raptor of the Mists


For Buff and Protection, I prefer to use Golden Vow and Black Flame’s Protection. You can use Golden Vow to increase damage output by 15% for 80 seconds. Another Black Flame’s Protection can increase your physical damage offset by 35%.

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For Seal, you can use a basic Finger Seal. You can get them from Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold for 800 Elden Ring Runes. But don’t worry, you can also use the code “CSCCA” to get 5% off.

You can also boost my attack with some Talismans. First, with Millicent’s Prosthesis, you can increase your attack power with consecutive attacks, and you can also increase Dexterity by 5 points.

Elden Ring: Bull-Goat’s Talisman

Next up is Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, which helps reduce your physical damage by 20%. The other is Lightning Scorpion Charm, which increases Lightning damage by 12%, while it also increases your Physical damage by 10%. Last but not least is Bull-Goat’s Talisman. It increases your Poise damage by 33%.

You can also use a combination of two Crystal Tears for temporary use. Such as Opaline Hardtear. It boosts your stats and temporarily increases all damage negations by 15% for 3 minutes. The other is Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear. It temporarily increases Lightning attack by 20% for 3 minutes.


For armor, I like to wear Tree Sentinel Set to give my character excellent protection. For a level 150 build, you can meet all the basic requirements for Uchigatana weapons. The overall statistics of this build are 40 points of Vigor, 20 points of Mind, 40 points of Endurance, 11 points of Strength, 68 points of Dexterity, and 30 points of Faith. Intelligence and Arcane are unchanged.

Elden Ring: Tree Sentinel Set

The way this build works is that first you can consume Crystal Tears, cast Golden Vow spells, and Black Flame’s Protection to buff your character. After that you can start attacking with your weapons and counter by performing Raptor of the Mists skill.

All in all, Lightning Uchigatana is a decent weapon build, give it a try if you’re interested.


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