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Elden Ring: What Kind Of Existence Is Miquella In The DLC? - A Personal Analysis

Posted: Mar 22, 2024

Posted: Mar 22, 2024

Source:  IGGM

I have thoroughly analyzed the Elden Ring DLC gameplay trailer, delving into key aspects to offer informed speculation. This includes insights into the DLC’s plot, revelations about new lords and, significantly, how the DLC will reshape the narrative we previously understood. Today, we’re addressing a critical topic - the role will Miquella play in the DLC.

Elden Ring: What Kind Of Existence Is Miquella In The DLC? - A Personal Analysis

Now that we have some background information on the Shadowlands, and confirmation that Miquella disappears here every time he leaves the Lands Between, we can begin to formulate a compelling explanation for why this is the case.

About Miquella

In the original Elden Ring, the story of Miquella left us at a dead end, with him seemingly dead inside a cocoon, kidnapped by Mohg. However, numerous references throughout the game imply that Miquella is too powerful to give in to such a setup so easily.

His ambitious goals, such as lifting the curse on Malenia and restoring the withered healing tree, all ended in failure. This contrasted sharply with his reputation as the most fearsome Imperion. It became evident that there was more complexity to his story than initially presented.

Now, with the upcoming DLC, Miquella emerges as a central figure, offering the promise of answers to these lingering mysteries as players, along with the NPCs in the DLC, pursue him as a primary plot element. But the question still remains: Why is he in the Land of Shadow when everything he cared about in the Lands Between is in disarray? In order to get closer to this character in the game, don't forget to prepare some Elden Ring Runes.

Land Of Shadow

Let’s start with the facts. The Land of Shadow is a place veiled from the outside, hidden from normal sight by Queen Marika, a place ravaged by an unsung war where, according to Miyazaki, the tree was born and Queen Marika ascended to godhood.

Elden Ring Land Of Shadow

It was to this land that Miquella departed, divesting himself of his flesh, his strength, his lineage, of all things golden. And now, Miquella awaits the return of his promised Lord. Which makes it seem as though the caved state we find him in was indeed the key to reaching the Land of Shadow, and could suggest that Mohg’s intervention was part of his plan.

It is currently established in the Lands Between that in order to become a lord of a new age, there needs to be a god and a consort, which is what Mohg was trying to achieve, knowing that Miquella would awaken as a god with him as the consort. But we ultimately put an end to those plans.

The description also makes it seem like Mohg is aware of all of this as he’s awaiting a lord. So, there’s an endless stream of questions here, but assuming that the goals Miquella had in the base game are consistent with his ambitions in the DLC, what does he actually stand to gain by going through all of this trouble and venturing to the Land of Shadow?


With the Erdtree being the primary object of Mohg’s divinity, there has to have been a reason aside from Mohg that it didn’t reach its full potential, something that can only be found in this Land of Shadow and that will help him achieve all of those ambitions. The Erdtree could be the key to everything, just as Erdtree governs the laws of the land, holds life-giving power, and houses a god.

But if the Land of Shadow is the place where Erdtree was born, as well as the location where Queen Marika became a god, does that mean her obtaining her Erdtree is what granted her that godhood? There’s a pretty simple explanation here if we think about it for overall ideas.

Elden Ring Shadow Of the Erdtree

The Land of Shadow is a place where a proper Eldtree was born. Miquella tried to grow his own in the Lands Between but ultimately failed. And now, it’s a mystery why he’s in the place where one was grown before. There’s probably some power in the Land of Shadow that enables these trees to grow. Perhaps that’s why Queen Marika veiled it so no others could emerge to challenge hers.

Final Thought

Why is Miquella terrifying? Why this constant framing of fear when the only images of him we ever see are of a little boy in need of comforting? Miquella is an Imperion, a candidate chosen by the Fingers to ascend to godhood and inherit the Erdtree. However, none of the current Imperion we know about in the game follows their intended path.

But that’s the most obvious and simple explanation. Miquella on a mission to find the missing link that will allow him to complete his Erdtree. There are still far too many mysteries around Miquella for him to simply be this all-good hero figure, because why then all the fear? There’s much more to unravel, but these are the answers we won’t find out until we actually get our hands on the DLC.


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