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Elden Ring: A Detailed Guide On How To Complete Sellen's Questline

Posted: Dec 23, 2023

Sellen's questline is one of the coolest questlines that is in all of Elden Ring. It has a very rich lore story. And Sellen is one of the most interesting NPCs as well.

So, here, I'm going to go through her entire questline and everything you need to know.

Elden Ring: A Detailed Guide On How To Complete Sellen's Questline

Sellen's First Location

Sellen's first location is going to be in the Waypoint Ruins Cellar within Limbrave.

So, you want to go to her right away as soon as you start the game and at least initiate a conversation with her.

She's not going to give you much in this conversation except for an apprenticeship, but that's really all you can do for her for now.

Azur's Location

The next portion of the quest happens much later in the game, and you need to go to this location so you can find Azur.

You need to talk to Azur and get the Comet Azur spell, and then you can go back to Sellen, and that will trigger more dialogue.

Elden Ring Azur's Location

Conversation With Sellen

At this point, you'll have the option to show Sellen the Azur conversation with Sorceress Sellen, and you're going to want to go ahead and do that and continue to go through all of her dialogue.

You'll then have the option for her to tell you a story. And in her story, you're also going to want to tell her that you can journey together, at which point she will be very relieved and will give you the Sellian Sealbreaker.

Continue to exhaust all of her dialogue until she gives you the Lead on Lusat, and at which point, you're going to need to head all the way to the Sellia Hideaway in Caelid and make your way through that dungeon to find Lusat.

Lusat's Location

Once you find this seal in the Sellia Hideaway, you can make your way all the way to Lusat, who's going to be sitting on some crystals, and he's going to give you the Stars of Ruin, which is your second legendary sorcery within this questline.

Return To Sellen

At this point, you're going to return to Sellen and you're going to tell her about Lucat's location, and she's going to be quite relieved.

Now, in order to progress her questline anymore, you need to go and defeat Radahn.

Defeat Radahn

If you've already defeated Radahn, you can go ahead and skip this step. But that is the next step in order for her to progress and give you the next piece of her dialogue.

Elden Ring Defeat Radahn

Sellen's Favor

Now that you've defeated Radahn, you will once again return to Sellen, who is not moved at all.

She is going to ask you a favor, and that favor is to head over to the Witchbane Ruins in order for you to find her actual body.

You find out that her body this time has just been a projection, but her actual body is in shackles within that Witchbane Ruins.

Witchbane Ruins

So, you want to head from Sorceress Sellen into the Witchbane Ruins in Weeping Peninsula.

And you're going to want to make your way through the ruins, going down underground, and you will see Sellen chained up with the shackles.

You need to approach her and start a conversation, and she will end up giving you her Primal Glenstone.

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Talk To Jerren

At this point, we are going to go talk to a different NPC altogether. This is where Sellen and Jerren's questline slowly start to intertwine with each other.

You're going to head all the way back to Redmane Castle where you fought Radahn. And you're going to end up going back and talking to Jerren, who should be sitting on the throne of Redmane Castle.

As you talk to him, he’s going to mention that his duty is now done, and he has something he needs to go and do. Exhaust all of his dialogue, and then you can leave the castle.

You’re going to head right back to meet Jerren at Witchbane Ruins, where you have just received the Primal Glenstone from Sellen.

There, you’re going to find Jerren looking at Sellen’s corpse, and you need to exhaust all of his dialogue. There, you find out that Sellen is actually a horrible witch, and he is speculating that she is still alive somewhere, but his trail has gone cold.

Kill Loretta In Carian Manor

Now, for the next part of the quest, you need to progress the game all the way up until you can get to the Carian Manor in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Fight your way through the manor until you get to the end boss, Loretta, and you need to fight Loretta in Carian Manor to get past her into where the Three Sisters towers are.

Find Sellen’s Real Body

Once you defeat Loretta, you’re going to this location here on the map.

Elden Ring: A Detailed Guide On How To Complete Sellen's Questline

You’re going to hit the fourth floor. You need to venture into the ruins and hit an illusionary wall to find Sellen’s actual body.

You will then place the Glenstone in Sellen’s body and have a conversation with her, exhausting all of her dialogue. She’s going to tell you that she wants to reignite the primeval current at Raya Lucaria Academy, and that’s where she’s headed next.

Head To Raya Lucaria Academy

Now, you’re going to make your way all the way back through Raya Lucaria Academy.

At this point in the questline, you are going to be presented with 2 very pivotal options, both of which have different outcomes.

The first option is you can summon Jerren to help you kill Sellen, or the second option is you can help Sellen to kill Jerren.

Fight Jerren

We’re choosing Sellen’s option this time around. So, we are going to be summoned into a world where Sellen and Jerren are fighting where Rennala used to be.

After defeating Jerren, you’re going to head back to your world and you’ll be rewarded with all of the Eccentric’s Hood armor.

Elden Ring Fight Jerren

Final Conversation With Sellen

You’ll then approach Sellen and talk to her.

She is going to tell you all about how she is going to take over Raya Lucaria Academy and how she is so thankful for your help.

She then tells you that when you become Elden Lord, she and Raya Lucaria Academy are going to swear allegiance to you, and she wishes you the best on your way.

You can then finish exhausting her dialogue, and she will reward you with the Glintstone Kris dagger as well as have the Shard Spiral sorcery within her inventory that you can buy with your Elden Ring Runes.

Rest At Grace & Collect Rewards

You’ll now rest at the Site of Grace. And when you get back up, you’re going to realize Rennala is back in her place, and there is an orb or a clump of faces in the corner of the room.

Run over and grab the item on the ground, which is Sellen’s crown. And you will realize that Sellen has been turned into one of her own experiments. She is now forever inside of Raya Lucaria Academy as a twisted morph of heads, just like all of the other people that she tormented.

You’re not quite done yet because there are still 2 armor sets you can go pick up as of this point in the questline. You can head all the way back to Azur on Mt Gelmir.

Pick Up Armor Sets

You can pick up his entire armor set.

Then, you can head back to Sellia Hideaway and go back to where Lusat was. You can pick up his armor set as well.

What Happens If You Help Jerren

Lastly, if you did end up helping Jerren, all you need to do after defeating Sellen is go back out of Rennala’s room. He will be standing there leaning up against his sword.

You can exhaust all of his dialogue and receive an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.


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