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Elden Ring: Three Weapons You Should Avoid Using In Colosseums

Posted: Dec 10, 2022

Posted: Dec 10, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Elden Ring has been popular with players since its release. The reason the game is so popular is because of its well-crafted story, large, detailed open world, and a variety of difficult bosses.

Recently, Elden Ring once again ushered in a big update. The highlight of this update is the introduction of the Colosseum DLC. This addition is actually an expansion of the game's PvP system. Not only have various features been added, but 3v3 team battles have also been added.

Of course, with the launch of the Colosseum DLC, players will be evaluating the weapons they have used based on their combat situations. Weapon stats have also quietly changed. As a result, some weapons have properties that are no longer suitable for competitive play in the Colosseums. Here are some of the weapons that I think you must avoid while playing.

1. Ringed Finger

You might think that the reason I say avoid the Ringed Finger is because it doesn't sound like anything special. In fact, this weapon is not only unique in design, it is still very advantageous in some situations. Especially early in the game, if you use the Ringed Finger against Godrick the Grafted in Limgrave, you'll find the weapon has unexpected effects. However, the Ringed Finger does not really work well in the Colosseums.

Ringed Finger

In the various Colosseums, you're mostly faced with single-player multiplayer challenges. Although the Ringed Finger also has certain advantages, when facing players, the combat advantage it provides is obviously lower than other weapons. Specifically, the Ringed Finger's attack speed in the different modes of Colosseums is very slow. This will cause this weapon to not have much effect in this new content except to look good. Therefore, you should definitely avoid using the Ringed Finger in any Colosseums.

2. Giants Red Braid

In Elden Ring, whips are not only great fun, but they're also one of the weapons that do a lot of work. This weapon alone should be enough to deal with most of the enemies in Elden Ring. You can also use whips to make ranged attacks on enemies and inflict severe status ailments on targeted enemies.

The Giants Red Braid is one of the many whips that is loved by players. The reason why it can stand out among many whips is not only because of its amazingly high damage, but also because of its large-scale weapon art, Flame Dance .

Giants Red Braid

You may be wondering, since this weapon is so powerful, why can't it be used in the Colosseums? In fact, one of the most important reasons is that the scope of this weapon art is too wide. Once you've used the Giants Red Braid, you'll find it hard to keep up with the threats that pop up because of the chaos. You will also often stand motionless in a sea of vipers because of this. All in all, using the Giants Red Braid in the Colosseums is not an appropriate strategy.

3. Golden Halberd

In the early stage of the game, many level one players who dare to challenge the Tree Sentinel like to carry Golden Halberd with them. Because, at the beginning of the road to Limgrave, they will do a lot for the players.

Golden Halberd

Especially for a lowly tarnished Golden Halberd is of great value when exploring the world that Elden Ring has to offer and when facing the routine squaller. But as new and more challenging threats continue to be added to Elden Ring, the effectiveness of this weapon has fluctuated. Since Golden Halberd is a member of the halberd class with holy weapon skill, if you take it to the Colosseums again, you will only feel that the challenge you have to face will be more difficult.

Of course, it's important to prepare Elden Ring Runes ahead of time if you want to beat your opponents faster in the Colosseums. You can use them to get better weapons and equipment to quickly improve your strength. By the way, you can use code "CSCCA" here to get 5% off now.


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