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News Tag: Elden Ring Colosseums

  • Elden Ring Players Are Disappointed With The Colosseum Fight And Its Poor Multiplayer Balance

    Posted: Dec 16, 2022

    On December 7th, Elden Ring launched a free Colosseum DLC. At that time, the Colosseum gates in Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell have all been opened. In these Colosseums you will experience three PvP modes, namely a 1v1 duel, free battle and free -for-all mode.

    Many players are very happy about the release of this new DLC. Because they can experience the different builds that the Tarnished call for battle in the newly opened Colosseums. But there are also some players who expressed great disappointment. Because they found that the equipment and weaponry used by some combatants are very powerful. This indirectly leads to unbalanced games and a poor gaming experience for them.

    Just last week, Elden Ring released a trailer for the Colosseum update without much fanfare. Along with this update are additional hairstyles, balance changes and bug fixes. According to past practice, these changes and new content must be the focus of attention of all players.

    But this trailer is rather special. Because some of it shows a montage of Tarnished fighting inside a wall that has been closed since release. This means that 3v3 battles will officially enter the Lands Between after the update. This point is good news for those who have been paying attention to the Invasion system of Elden Ring. Because 3v3 battles belong to one of the elements of FromSoftware's previous Dark Souls series. Many players expressed their nostalgia.

    Among other things, the trailer also shows off a short clip where characters can summon Spirit Ashes during some PvP modes. You know, this kind of combat mode was explicitly prohibited in the previous Elden Ring. So, it also indirectly reveals that Tarnished will have a lot of modes that can kill each other.

    Facts have proved that the players' guesses are correct. In the Colosseum DLC, players can play with various parameters to create their ideal multiplayer experience. But after players officially experienced these PvP modes, they gradually discovered the problems that existed. A player named JoeyKoyote07 also posted a video on Reddit to show his dissatisfaction. The content in the video mainly reflects that the reason why players can now win in multiple modes is largely due to their powerful equipment. His headline reads "I'm so excited I can't wait to see everybody's Colosseum builds", which seems very direct and sarcastic.

    In free-for-alls in Colosseums, once a player is dangerously low on health, it only takes a second for an infamous ability called Moonveil Katana to appear on him. Although, the player can retreat and perform treatment. But those equipped with the Moonveil Katana won't let him go and will unleash Transient Moonlight in rapid succession in an attempt to kill the unarmed, bleak warrior.

    Moonveil is a very powerful weapon. Ever since Elden Ring was released, it has been loved by players. Players can acquire this weapon early in the game. That being said, Moonveil has been nerfed after a few updates, but the Katana is still a strong option for multiplayer due to the Transient Moonlight ability. All Colosseums opened in this update have almost no obstacles or environmental hazards and are always open. As a result, the utility of weapons like the Moonveil also becomes higher, since there's nothing to stop the deadly projectile.

    If you want to win other players in Colosseums, it is very necessary to acquire a powerful weapon. Beyond that, you can further upgrade your weapon with Elden Ring Runes. In this way, your battle will be easier.

  • Elden Ring: Three Weapons You Should Avoid Using In Colosseums

    Posted: Dec 10, 2022

    Elden Ring has been popular with players since its release. The reason the game is so popular is because of its well-crafted story, large, detailed open world, and a variety of difficult bosses.

    Recently, Elden Ring once again ushered in a big update. The highlight of this update is the introduction of the Colosseum DLC. This addition is actually an expansion of the game's PvP system. Not only have various features been added, but 3v3 team battles have also been added.

    Of course, with the launch of the Colosseum DLC, players will be evaluating the weapons they have used based on their combat situations. Weapon stats have also quietly changed. As a result, some weapons have properties that are no longer suitable for competitive play in the Colosseums. Here are some of the weapons that I think you must avoid while playing.

    1. Ringed Finger

    You might think that the reason I say avoid the Ringed Finger is because it doesn't sound like anything special. In fact, this weapon is not only unique in design, it is still very advantageous in some situations. Especially early in the game, if you use the Ringed Finger against Godrick the Grafted in Limgrave, you'll find the weapon has unexpected effects. However, the Ringed Finger does not really work well in the Colosseums.

    In the various Colosseums, you're mostly faced with single-player multiplayer challenges. Although the Ringed Finger also has certain advantages, when facing players, the combat advantage it provides is obviously lower than other weapons. Specifically, the Ringed Finger's attack speed in the different modes of Colosseums is very slow. This will cause this weapon to not have much effect in this new content except to look good. Therefore, you should definitely avoid using the Ringed Finger in any Colosseums.

    2. Giants Red Braid

    In Elden Ring, whips are not only great fun, but they're also one of the weapons that do a lot of work. This weapon alone should be enough to deal with most of the enemies in Elden Ring. You can also use whips to make ranged attacks on enemies and inflict severe status ailments on targeted enemies.

    The Giants Red Braid is one of the many whips that is loved by players. The reason why it can stand out among many whips is not only because of its amazingly high damage, but also because of its large-scale weapon art, Flame Dance .

    You may be wondering, since this weapon is so powerful, why can't it be used in the Colosseums? In fact, one of the most important reasons is that the scope of this weapon art is too wide. Once you've used the Giants Red Braid, you'll find it hard to keep up with the threats that pop up because of the chaos. You will also often stand motionless in a sea of vipers because of this. All in all, using the Giants Red Braid in the Colosseums is not an appropriate strategy.

    3. Golden Halberd

    In the early stage of the game, many level one players who dare to challenge the Tree Sentinel like to carry Golden Halberd with them. Because, at the beginning of the road to Limgrave, they will do a lot for the players.

    Especially for a lowly tarnished Golden Halberd is of great value when exploring the world that Elden Ring has to offer and when facing the routine squaller. But as new and more challenging threats continue to be added to Elden Ring, the effectiveness of this weapon has fluctuated. Since Golden Halberd is a member of the halberd class with holy weapon skill, if you take it to the Colosseums again, you will only feel that the challenge you have to face will be more difficult.

    Of course, it's important to prepare Elden Ring Runes ahead of time if you want to beat your opponents faster in the Colosseums. You can use them to get better weapons and equipment to quickly improve your strength. By the way, you can use code "CSCCA" here to get 5% off now.

  • A Complete Guide For Three Colosseums In Elden Ring

    Posted: Dec 09, 2022

    Just on December 7th, Elden Ring launched a free PvP expansion in the release of Update 1.08. In this expansion, the three Colosseums that were originally only for players to watch are officially opened in Lands Between. If you really want to beat other players in arena combat, then you will definitely be very interested in this new addition.

    The three arenas in The Lands Between are located in Limgrave, Caelid and Leyndell. You can also experience different modes if you visit these different arenas. Since the three Colosseums are only for players to enjoy, many players may not have noticed it during the exploration process. If you happen to have this kind of trouble or you are very interested in different modes in different arenas, then you can continue to read. I will analyze the location and mode of each Colosseum one by one.

    Like I mentioned before, you can find a total of three Colosseums. If you want to enter one of the Colosseums, you just have to walk up to the arena's huge doors and push them open. If you want to choose the game mode and settings you want, then you just have to approach the pedestal in front of you to make the selection.

    1. Limgrave

    Of all the Colosseums, your easiest to get to is in Limgrave. You'll start at the Warmaster's Shack site of grace, then you'll need to head north through the woods and out into the open. Once you appear in this place, it means you have reached the Colosseum in Limgrave. So, waltz on up and open the doors.

    In the Limgrave Colosseum, you can choose between two modes.

    • United Combat: This is a team-focused mode. To win in this mode, you and your team must defeat the most enemies before the timer expires.

    • Combat Ordeal: Free-for-all mode with respawns where the person with the mode kills at the end of a timer wins.

    2. Caelid

    As you continue exploring, you'll come across a second Colosseum in Caelid. If you want to enter this place more safely, you'd better choose to start from the Deep Soifra Well site of grace down in the gorge in the upper segment of the biome. Once you come across the two giant archers, make sure you go around them and continue north until you come across The Great-Jar. This NPC just doesn't like small talk, and he will attack you directly. So, you just get around behind him as quickly as possible and quickly open the door to the Colosseum in Caelid.

    In Caelid Colosseum, you only have one mode to experience.

    • Duel: Here, two players will have a 1v1 duel with no chance of resurrection. Once you are defeated by your opponent, you will lose the game.

    3. Leyndell

    The last Colosseum you're likely to come across is in Leyndell, Capital City. You need to start from the West Capital Rampart site of grace, walk and you will see a door. Continue to exit to the left, past the descending stairs ahead. You'll find some enemies to your left, and you can choose to fight them or bypass them and continue your way under the giant Erdtree branches. Then keep going up the stairs you see. Next you just have to go around the side of the cliff to find the last Colosseum. Open the gate here, and you can enter the game.

    Compared with the two Colosseums mentioned before, The Leyndell Colosseum will be more special. Because here, you can experience all the modes you have encountered before. If you just want to switch between encounter types, then this must be a good place to go. But all the models in this place also have their own uniqueness. That is, you can summon Spirit Ashes to help you in battle.

    Acquiring good equipment and weapons is essential if you want to win all the battles in Colosseums. If you happen to have such needs, preparing enough Elden Ring Runes will be your best choice. You can use code "CSCCA" here to get 5% off now.

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