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WoW Classic Season Of Discovery - Classic Plus

A new way to enjoy WoW Classic is the WoW Classic Season of Discovery (also known as Classic Plus), which was revealed at BlizzCon 2023. The season consists of four phases, each with a new level cap and a new 10-player raid.

About SoD Phase 4

WoW Classic Season Of Discovery Phase 4 will officially launch on July 11, 2024 at 1:00 PM PDT, bringing a host of new content and challenges to Azeroth. Are you ready to succeed in this exciting new era? Here, we’ll talk about some of the new content worth noting to help you unravel the mysteries of Phase 4:

  • Level Cap Increased To 60: Raising the level cap is a tremendous change, providing new abilities and new talents, and allowing players to delve deeper into their chosen class.
  • Raid Reworks & New World Bosses: Provides new raids and bosses for players to challenge. Among them, Lord Kazzak and Azuregos will be released globally on July 18 at 1:00 PM PDT, while Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair will be launched on July 25 at 1:00 PM PDT.
  • Dungeon Update: Updated rewards and opened new level 60 dungeons.
  • New Runes: Each class has new runes to discover, providing bonuses to various stats such as weapon skill, spell hits, and more.
  • Blackrock Eruption World Event: This World Event will occur every 2 hours starting at midnight server time. Players will see additional creatures and even environmental hazards in Searing Gorge.
  • PvP Updates: Phase 4 will bring new PvP Class Sets for Rank 10.
  • New World Buff: A new World Buff, Might of Stormwind, is available for Alliance characters.
  • New Profession Items: New recipes will be available for several highest-level Reputations.
  • New Currency: A new currency, Tarnished Undermine Real, can be obtained once a day from most non-rare dungeon bosses above level 55, and can be used to purchase various materials, items, and more.

Future phases of Season Of Discovery are filled with more exciting content and challenges, so let’s embark on this epic journey together!

What Does WOW Classic SOD Gold Do?

SoD Gold is the main in-game currency used in WoW Classic Season of Discovery and does the following:

  • Purchase equipment, consumables, mounts and other items
  • Trade and auction other players’ items
  • Learn and upgrade skills and professions
  • Repair equipment and reset talents
  • Pay flight and teleport costs

How To Get WoW SoD Gold Quickly?

1. Farming

Farming is one of the most common ways to earn gold in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. You can farm for various items, such as cloth, leather, herbs, and ore, which can be sold for a good price in the auction house. You can also farm for rare items that drop from specific mobs, which can fetch a high price in the auction house.

2. Professions

Professions are another great way to earn SoD gold. You can choose from various professions such as mining, herbalism, skinning, and more. By leveling up your profession, you can gather rare materials that can be sold for a good price in the auction house. You can also craft items that are in high demand and sell them for a profit.

3. Auction House

The auction house is a great place to buy and sell items. You can buy low and sell high, which is a great way to get WoW SoD gold quickly. Keep an eye out for items that are in high demand and buy them when they are cheap. You can then sell them for a profit when the demand is high.

4. Questing

Questing is another great way to earn WoW SoD gold a lot. By completing quests, you can earn gold and other valuable items. You can also sell the items you receive as rewards for completing quests.

5. Grinding

Grinding is another way to earn Classic SoD gold. You can grind mobs that drop valuable items or gold. This method requires patience and time, but it can be very profitable if done correctly.

6. Dungeons

Dungeons are another great way to earn SoD gold. By completing dungeons, you can earn gold and valuable items that can be sold for a good price in the auction house.

In conclusion, there are many ways to earn WoW SoD Gold. Whether you choose to farm, use your professions, buy and sell items in the auction house, complete quests, grind mobs, or complete dungeons, there is no shortage of ways to earn gold quickly. By using these tips and tricks, you can increase your gold earnings and enjoy playing WoW Classic Season of Discovery even more.

Why Choose To Buy SoD Gold At

  1. Cheap Price: IGGM has the cheapest WoW SoD Gold for sale because it will adjust the price of gold at any time to ensure it is the lowest price in the market. Moreover, the more gold you buy, the greater the discount you will get. If you follow IGGM’s official website or social account, you can also receive certain discounts by participating in activities.
  2. Convenient & Fast: By buying SoD WoW Gold at IGGM, you can save time and effort to obtain gold without spending a lot of time and energy fighting monsters or completing tasks in the game. IGGM's delivery is very fast. Once your order information is confirmed, we will immediately arrange delivery for you so that you can enjoy the game as soon as possible.
  3. Professional Service: IGGM's delivery team is composed of experienced players. They can provide you with professional consultation and answers to make your purchasing process smoother and more enjoyable. IGGM's customer service is online 24 hours a day to ensure barrier-free communication. If you encounter any problems or questions, they will solve them for you in a timely manner.
  4. Transaction Security: IGGM's SoD Gold transactions are conducted through In Game Mail, which is a safe and legal method. IGGM also provides a variety of payment methods, allowing you to choose the most suitable payment method according to your preferences and needs.

To sum up, is your best choice to buy WoW SoD Classic Gold, where you can enjoy the best quality service and the most affordable price. Don't hesitate, act quickly!



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WoW Classic SoD: How To Grind Maraudon In Phase 4? - Routes & Notes

WoW Classic SoD: How To Grind Maraudon In Phase 4? - Routes & Notes

On July 11, WoW Classic SoD Phase 4 was officially released, and many players are very excited about the new discovery content. Phase 4 of WoW Classic Season of Discovery brings players the last set of dungeons that you can grind during your level 50 to 60.

The loot provided by these dungeons will be available until the end of the game. Therefore, you may end up running dungeons at level 60. This guide will specifically introduce you to Maraudon, which is explorable at level 50 to 52, and provides you with routes and some notes.

Maraudon is a huge dungeon in WoW Classic SoD Phase 4, suitable for entering and grinding when you reach level 50 and above. The bosses here range from level 48 to 51 only, so you will deal with these enemies easily and provide yourself with a lot of experience.


You can enter Maraudon from three different locations, and the routes you and your team will take will depend on which entrance you enter from.

If you want to start from the orange entrance, you can completely clear the dungeon. If you just want to clear all the bosses in the dungeon, you need to defeat Razorlash and enter the first large open area, then you can take a detour into the purple entrance and kill Lord Vyletongue. Finally, continue back to the main path, deeper into the dungeon.

If you want to be more adventurous, you can start from the purple entrance and defeat Maraudos, which is also required to complete the Pariah’s Instructions quest. After entering, you will see a waterfall in the dungeon, where you need to take a narrow path and fight Tinkerer Gizlock.

After the fight, continue up the slope path to defeat Landslide. From there, you can continue along the main path to Princess Theradras, and after defeating Princess Theradras, fall into the water and defeat Rotgrip.

If you want to go all the way to the end without having to backtrack, you can completely skip Lord Vyletongue, Tinkerer Gizlock and possibly Landslide. These bosses that will cause you to backtrack are actually insignificant in the dungeon and can be safely ignored.

Another popular route into Maraudon skips right up to the waterfall section of the dungeon, but only completes the last few bosses. This requires you and one of your group to have Scepter of Celebras, which is given to you when you talk to Celebras Redeemed in the first half of Maraudon.

The advantage of this route is that it allows you to defeat the bosses in the second half of the dungeon more quickly, the most notable of which is Princess Theradras, who drops some very useful loot for certain classes and SOD Gold that all players love.

This route is also the choice of some high-level players, as the monsters in the second half of the dungeon are a bit higher level. In addition, if you don’t need the loot in the first half of this dungeon, you can also use this route.

Here, I need to remind you that there is no exit in Maraudon. If you want to leave, you need teleport or hearthstone to help you leave this dungeon. If you really have no other way, just log out and reset to return to the nearby cemetery.

Enemies To Watch Out For

Although in theory, you will be higher level than the enemies in the dungeon and will defeat them easily, there are still some that you need to pay special attention to.

Creeping Sludge

These slimy-looking sludges will frequently cause a lot of AoE damage to nearby enemies. When facing them, try not to get close to them, but use ranged weapons to knock them down from a distance.

Barbed Lasher

In addition to the area of damage effect, these monsters also have a knockdown effect. If the healer on your team stands too close to them, the healer’s effectiveness will be greatly reduced.

Noxious Slime

It’s actually not difficult for you to fight it, but after they die, they will leave a cloud of toxic gas on the ground. If you are not careful, you will be in danger.

Subterranean Diemetradon

These Diemertradons will cast Sonic Burst on you and silence anyone nearby for 10 seconds. Like Barbed Lasher, casters and healers in the raid should stay away from it.

Princess Theradras

As the final boss of Maraudon, Princess Theradras is much more difficult than any of the previous raids, so you need to know her skills in advance.

Her Repulsive Gaze can be very scary for you and your raid, and she will also throw Boulder at distant targets, which will damage their raid casters and interrupt their spell-casting. When she casts Dust Field, everyone should stay away from her, otherwise they will take a lot of damage.

This skill will also make it clear all obstacles in front of it, so have your raid tank and taunt her, otherwise she will hurt the lowest health among you.

More Tips

You need to have some ranged damage in your team to deal with Creeping Sludge, and for characters with healing skills. Because healers are very easy to get stuck in the crowd of enemies in Maraudon, it is beneficial to equip a few healing skills.

In addition to equipping skills, you also need to determine what loot your raid needs. Some bosses drop very rich loot, but their locations are too remote. If no one wants their dropped items, you need to discuss whether to skip or move on.

When you finally face Princess Theradras, remember to keep in touch. Princess Theradras may pose distinct threats to your team from different directions. If you are too scattered, it may be difficult for tank professions to regain hatred on the boss after Princess Theradras uses Dust Field.

After understanding the entire route and precautions of Maraudon, do you have more confidence to face this relatively simple dungeon? Go to Maraudon with your team!

WOW Classic SOD: These Tips Will Help You Level Up Quickly In Phase 4

WOW Classic SOD: These Tips Will Help You Level Up Quickly In Phase 4

The difference between modern WoW Classic and original classic is that it has Seasons of Discovery. This allows players to see and experience new content while continuing their journey through game. Today, I will give you some tips to help you level up quickly in SOD Phase 4.

Quest Line

The level cap for Phase 4 is 60. Quests will start with Nightmare Incursion and go up to level 53, and you can complete 16 quests in about 20 minutes, which will be one of the fastest ways to level up. Sunken Temple is now turning into a level-up rate, and it will give about one level of experience.

After that, you will be doing quests, and completing dungeons. There are a lot of new dungeons that will unlock in Phase 4, and you can visit Upper Blackrock Spire, Lower Blackrock Spire, Blackrock Depths, Mage SOLO Strat UD Farm, and new Ashenvale dungeon. There will be an attunement questline according to WAD, which will provide more details.

Also, remember that bosses above level 55 will drop Tarnished Undermine Real once a day, which can be redeemed at Vendor in Booty Bay for exciting 0.5 questline. Traditionally, 0.5 questline is some of best gear you can get before Molten Core is unlocked, and perhaps a lot of players will go farming. This questline starts as early as level 58.

You must first obtain tier zero parts that can be upgraded by delivering a pair of tier zero bracers to your faction’s major city, and you need to obtain these parts from dungeons. You will farm in Phase 4 are Hydraxian Waterlords Timber Argent Dawn and PvP reputations, all of which will provide some previous items for your class.

Get Advanced Equipment

Among them, Thorium Brotherhood will have some very good fireproof items, and you may need them to kill Molten Core at heat level three. Argent Dawn and Timber Mall faction quartermasters vendors allow players to exchange basic versions of crafting reputation items they previously offered, along with some other appropriate materials, for high-quality versions of the same items.

They also changed all items from these vendors to BoP, so you actually have to earn them yourself, rather than buying them from auction house. Arathi Basin, exalted, will have Priest Weapons for many, while Warsong Gulch will have bracers attunements.

Task Arrangement

Of course, you have to complete Molten Core and Onyxia Attunement questlines and Ashenvale questline when you find them, and remember that Alliance’s Onyxia is different. Horde raid Sunken Temple still has some of previous mini-class items, which are helpful for leveling up.

So you’re better off doing it twice a week. World boss is now instanced. Zeros and Kazics will be available on July 18th, and these two raids will reset twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday. Onyxia will be available on July 25th, which will also reset twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday. Then Molten Core will also be available on July 25th, and this raid will reset every Tuesday.

Molten Core

The most exciting thing about SoD Phase4 so far is heat level of Molten Core. Heat level will represent the difficulty, and before you enter zone, you will be able to decide at which difficulty you want to complete Molten Core, which may be a fire resist mechanic, or a mechanic added for each boss.

So you need a lot of fire resist to complete it, and there is also a confirmed 11th boss that has been added to Molten Core. Now it’s just a matter of seeing what happens with Priest. There are over 500 updates and new items in SOD Phase4. Priest is one of the most exciting times to play World of Warcraft.

You need to upgrade your previous items and figure out best route. This way you can go into Molten Core and World Bosses with best gear, and you can do the highest amount of DPS PVP in Blackrock. PVP events will happen every 2 hours, and players will get many daily tasks.

These quests will reward you with Thorium Brotherhood and Hydraxian Waterlords Reputation. This will be the best way to get Hydraxian Waterlords Reputation until Molten Core opens up. And you’ll want to make sure you can put out fire so you can summon Ragnaros at level 10 at the end, which looks very competitive as it offers two very powerful sets of rewards.

Some players will want to mix this with their 05 questline set. Both set rewards will probably stack, which will allow people to have two of each set class from stage 1 to stage 2, giving them an extra 40 or 50 spell power.

Unlocked Items

You’ll get some of best items in SOD by going through these levels, and there will most likely be another quest chain to complete. To unlock these modes, so keep an eye out for these guides when you find it, Epic mounts are now available in game at level 60.

You can also upgrade your STV mount to an epic version of STV vendor for 800 SOD Gold, and if you have a Neuron mount, you can also upgrade it at Neuron vendor for same price. Don’t forget extremely rare Baron Mounts you can farm from Stratholme Undead runes, they’ll pop up ring slots giving you weapon skills when you find them, and cloaks will give your class three or four new abilities.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in your battles for SoD Phase 4!

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