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Are Elden Ring Runebears Still Worth Fighting?

Posted: Dec 13, 2022

Posted: Dec 13, 2022

Source:  IGGM

A few days ago, Elden Ring just won the Game of the Year award. One of the main reasons why the game is so popular is that the game is filled with a variety of bosses and enemies that can be challenged.

Some of these enemies are well worth farming, such as the Giant Humanoid Enemies, Trolls. Compared to other enemies, Trolls are easier to deal with. The second is that after you defeat them, you can also get rich Elden Ring Runes. But there are some enemies that not only pose a huge risk to any Tarnished who wants to keep breathing, but the amount of Elden Ring Runes they can provide is also negligible. Runebear, which is a Field Boss, is a prime example.

A Rune Bear is exceptionally difficult to defeat. Even some very experienced Elden Ring veterans will try to avoid confrontation with the Rune Bears due to their high level of difficulty to overcome. There is an Elden Ring player whose user name is AlfalfaBorn8535 posted his thoughts on Runebears on Reddit. Runebears, he says, are enemies "not worth killing" in the Elden Ring. If you read his specific analysis of this point of view, you will definitely find it very reasonable.

*AlfalfaBorn8535 said that Runebears is not only extremely aggressive, but also very powerful. They'll knock Tarnized off Torrents, then tear them apart to death with their massive claws. Even if Tarnized wanted to escape, it was basically impossible. Because the mouth of Runebears can continuously eject long-range projectiles to attack fleeing targets.

*If you can figure out the Runebear's weak point in advance, you will have a relatively easy fight with it. Specifically, its weakness is crotch-diving. When you see the Runebear stand up and attack you, you can immediately dodge and roll towards its crotch. Between the Runebear rear-most legs, there is a natural safe zone. Therefore, Tarnished can attack Runebear only there. In the meantime, since the Runebear can't touch you, you won't take any damage yet.


*However, when you really try to beat a Runebear, you will find yourself wasting your time. Because you're rewarded with a few hundred Elden Ring Runes and maybe a few gold-tinged excrements for all your time and effort.

In addition to the Runebears mentioned by AlfalfaBorn8535, some Elden Ring players have concluded that there are other enemies that are not worth fighting. Among them are the Revenant and its many slapping hands, the Giant Crayfish and their armored hides. Dragonflies are also not worth messing with, as they are not only hard to target but annoying pests. Land Octopuses and those giant blooms have too much health to chew through to bother with. Also, Caelid's crows and decaying dogs are the same as Runebears, not only very tricky but also the rewards obtained after the battle are pitiful. In general, if you pay more attention to post-battle rewards, it is best not to provoke these enemies easily. However, if you don't care about rewards and like challenges, then you can try to fight with them.

Farming different enemies and bosses is a known way to earn Elden Ring Runes. But this is too time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you urgently need to level up, complete quests, improve your strength, or need to be equipped with excellent equipment or weapons, it is a good choice to prepare some Elden Ring Runes in advance. If you have such needs, you can take a look at such services on our website. You can also use code "CSCCA" to get 5% off right here.


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