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The Game Awards End Up with Elden Ring and An Adolescent's Trolling

Posted: Dec 15, 2022

Posted: Dec 15, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Academy Award winner Al Pacino may have opened the 2022 Game Awards, a night of industry recognition and expensive marketing for the biggest games around, but it was a new type of internet celebrity who closed it out with trolling.

Dramatic Moment in TGA Night
The annual award show took place on the evening of December 8, and honored a selection of this year's most popular games. Despite some stiff competition, Elden Ring was ultimately granted the Game of the Year award. The show also included a number of exciting reveals and announcements. The strangest moment, however, was what happened at the end of FromSoftware's acceptance speech: a black long hair teen took the microphone and tried to dedicate the award to Bill Clinton.

20221215The Game Awards End Up with Elden Ring and An Adolescent's Trollingg

"I want to nominate this award to my reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton." said a young kid with long hair who appeared onstage suddenly after Elden Ring was crowned Game of the Year.

Security followed, and chaos ensued online as everyone tried to figure out what the hell had just happened during host Geoff Keighley's otherwise heavily orchestrated three-hour event. But this was far from the first time the young man, whose name Kotaku believes to be Matan Even, had sprung to brief internet fame through internet-pilled trolling, even if it might have been his weirdest.

At that point, it became clear he was not supposed to be there, and he was quickly ushered off stage. And the internet then positively blew up with Elden Ring-based memes and jokes, trying to understand what they just saw.

Things After Bill Clinton Speech
Meme spreads like virus, an Elden Ring modder has brought former president Bill Clinton into the Lands Between after an exceptionally weird moment at The Game Awards 2022.

2The Game Awards End Up with Elden Ring and An Adolescent's Trollingpng

Following Elden Ring's Game of the Year speech, a modder going by Arestame on Twitter has created a Bill Clinton skin for the game. The custom skin is a strikingly accurate likeness of the 42nd President of the United States, with a near-identical face and blue suit. Arestame posted a video of the skin in action, showing a playable Bill wandering through the Lands Between with a wooden club.

Unfortunately, the mod doesn't seem to be publicly available yet. There's no Bill Clinton to be found on Arestame's Nexus Mods page, only a One Piece boss mod for Elden Ring. It's unclear whether this skin was a commission or something that Arestame simply made for fun, but it's also possible that it's a work-in-progress and that it will be released to the Elden Ring PC community in the near future.

While the skin itself is just a fun addition to Elden Ring, the mishap it's based on was much more controversial. This absurd TGA Bill Clinton moment ended after the intruder was removed by security, left a lot of speechless people.

Considering how recently this happened, it's impressive to see how quickly Arestame was able to put together this Elden Ring skin. Fans may not be able to download it for themselves yet, but one can expect it'll just be a matter of time. The bizarre event that inspired it was a surreal way to end the famous show, but hopefully The Game Awards will make some changes to avoid a similar situation next year.

Trolling Culture Impact
Actually it not the first time that our attention be attracted by trolling, obviously it is a discussion worthy phenomenon with controversy. It is hard to judge trolling itself with the growing positive or negative impact from streamers, like Speed, XQC, etc.

20221The Game Awards End Up with Elden Ring and An Adolescent's Trolling

Back to TGA, what we can's deny is this behavior did gave us joys and chills, but we also need to considerate the fairness. Especially comparing the other well prepared games and a teen's trolling, it's easy to catch people's eyes for latter, but this trend may brings a negative impact to video game industry. To avoid the pathetic future that no one would invest a lot on in-game content, currently it is better for us to create more for the games as well, not just Bill Clinton.
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