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Elden Ring: Players Speculate About Major Character’s Return In Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Posted: May 05, 2023

Posted: May 05, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Recently, promotional images for Elden Ring’s upcoming Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC were officially revealed, hinting at the possibility of a major character returning. It’s just one image, but it’s packed with enough detail to build some interesting theories about DLC’s story, setting, and characters. One character in particular, Godwyn

They are very important in explaining the lore of Elden Ring, so the release of Shadow of the Erdtree is expected to have a major impact on future story interpretations.

Promotional images for Shadow of the Erdtree only feature one character. It’s just that there are still some disputes among the players about the real identity of the horse riding character,, but the most vocal and convincing one is Miquella

Elden Ring: Players Speculate About Major Character’s Return In Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

There’s a ton of lore and mysteries surrounding Miquella, making for an interesting addition to DLC. However, the photo also hints at the return of another character who holds as much importance in Elden Ring’s timeline as Miquella’s, namely Prince of Death, aka Godwyn The Golden.

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Godwyn May Appear Again In Shadow Of The Erdtree

Of these, the most prominent detail in Shadow of the Erdtree’s promotional image that hints at Godwyn’s possible return is the blackened Erdtree. The Erdtree is oozing a golden fluid, which may indicate that its life is being drained from the second tree that is somehow attached to it. The most critical detail, however, is the dark, gray-like substance that fell from the tree.

It’s reminiscent of Deathroot who ravaged The Lands Between in Elden Ring. Deathroot is derived from Godwyn’s soulless body, but he is now known as Prince of Death, which resides at the root of Erdtree. 

Combine this detail with Godwyn and Miquella’s backstory and mysteries, and it’s not hard to find interesting evidence that Godwyn and Miquella will most likely return in some form in Elden Ring’s DLC.

Godwyn may appear again in Shadow Of The Erdtree

Miquella’s Relationship With Godwyn And Castle Sol

In the actual Elden Ring stories, Miquella’s relationship with Godwyn is rarely stated directly. However, players can also experience the deep friendship between the half-brothers through some items and storylines. 

Golden Epitaph Sword mentions a young boy, most likely Miquella, who imbued the weapon with prayers for the true death of his brother, Godwyn. In Castle Sol, players can find a ghost and apologize to Miquella, saying that his companion is still soulless. A giant male statue in Haligtree embraces Miquella and his twin sister, Malenia, perhaps the most telling evidence of the deep brotherhood between the two.

While we have not confirmed that the big guy is actually Godwyn, most evidence supports this conclusion. Additionally, other evidence from Castle Sol suggests that Miquella attempted to restore Godwyn’s soul through a solar eclipse

Miquella’s relationship with Godwyn and Castle Sol

Although players still don’t know exactly how the magical ritual works, the ritual in Castle Sol failed and Godwyn’s soul was still not restored. It’s possible that Conqueror of Stars Radhan somehow prevented the eclipse. 

However, now that he’s dead, perhaps an eclipse will eventually occur, and Miquella can restore Godwyn’s soul, allowing him to return as a potential boss in Elden Ring’s Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC.

In any case, regardless of whether Godwyn or Miquella will really return to Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC, it is recommended that players prepare their equipment and keep practicing. After all, we are about to face such a powerful boss. You can get the right gear by taking advantage of Elden Ring Runes. Plus, you can use the code “CSCCA” to get 5% off, so try it out.


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