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Elden Ring: How To Use Glitch To Get 70+ Million Runes After Update?

Posted: May 08, 2023

Posted: May 08, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Today I’m going to show you two really cool glitches in Elden Ring that if you can do one of them will give you an insane advantage and make the game easier for you. 

The other gets you millions of Runes, which you can use to upgrade your character and your favorite weapons, or just equip your character with tons of runes.

Kill The Boss With A Glitch

So from there, I’m going to show you the first method, which will allow you to literally bypass an entire section of the game to defeat a very tough boss, Commander Niall. We usually find this boss in Castle Sol on Mountaintops of Giants

Kill The Boss With A Glitch

If you can’t make it to Castle Sol or defeat Commander Niall, you’ll be able to use this glitch to basically kill him without even having to set foot in Castle Sol. After killing this boss, you can get generous Elden Ring Runes as a reward.

Now you’re going to move on, come to this resting point here, and jump on your horse. Once you’re on your horse, you’ll continue down the exact same path in Castlevania Isaac. We will go deep behind this huge Castle.

Once you get to the part where the cliff is, we’re going to keep walking around the wall and you’ll come to the edge of the cliff. Then you press Spread button and your horse will sprint and gallop forward. Then start swinging your weapon after about 50 to 60 seconds. You’ll see a popup stating that you’ve already defeated the boss here.

But if you are going to use this method for Runes farm. I personally don’t recommend it, as the rewards that drop later won’t be any better. It’s all about defeating Commander Niall in Castle Sol to get his loot. Of course, you can get a chest when he’s down, but if you really want to get more Runes, the next method I’ll show you will allow you to do so.

How To Use Glitch To Get A Lot Of Runes?

So you’ll move on and go to the second map, Underworld. Basically, this part of them is black and you have to go to the red part of it. You’ll continue to the top of this cliff, this resting point in this part of the map.

This is where you will hop on your horse, and then you will continue to run down the cliff. Never mind the enemies in the process, you just keep sprinting and they won’t be able to do you any damage. Since you’re basically too fast, you’ll keep running until the end of this swamp. Then you’ll see a cliff edge and you’ll continue into the corner.

There will be some invisible obstacles here. You just have to follow the path. I ran to the edge of the cliff top by scaling Cliffside. Now you can go to any part of it. If you have a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot, I recommend popping it because you’ll get extra Runes.

How To Use Glitch To Get A Lot Of Runes

But if you haven’t, don’t worry, just simply jump once, then double jump off the cliff and swing your weapon. Then anywhere between 30 and 50 seconds, you get 150 - 800,000 Runes. Now that sound like a tremendous gap. 

For example, I’m on my seventh playthrough. So I get anywhere from about 800 to nearly a million Runes each time. So I can even get 100 million Runes in a few hours. This approach is really powerful.

But if you are the first one to play the clearance. You’re looking somewhere for each jump, you open up your map, then set everything back to where it was, and we’ll just keep repeating the process. Like I said, it depends on your gameplay.

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Of course, if you want to get more Runes, play more advanced levels. You’ll need to use Elden Ring Runes to get some rare items to help your build upgrade, plus you can use the code “CSCCA” for a 5% discount. May wish to try.

However, if you’re lower level and in the ancient game, you’ll get fewer Runes. There will also be fewer Runes as you need to upgrade, but that’s pretty much how it works after the latest update of 1.09.1.

I hope you take full advantage of it, as these two glitches give you an easier approach to play. If you have any questions, you might as well discuss them in the community. Have a nice day.


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