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Elden Ring: Speculation On Whether Ancient Dragons Will Appear In Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Posted: May 11, 2023

In the critically acclaimed Elden Ring, the occasional presence of Ancient Dragons leaves a lot of room for interpretation throughout the storyline. Despite being one of the most difficult encounters a player has encountered in Elden Ring, the mystery behind Ancient Dragons, as well as their outstanding combat skills, still captivates players.

The upcoming DLC expansion is the perfect opportunity to revisit Ancient Dragons storyline and related quests. Players also discovered that there might really be Ancient Dragons in Shadow of the Erdtree based on several clues hidden in the game.

Elden Ring’s Ancient Dragons’ abilities are excellent, but their secondary role of highlighting other iconic Elden Ring bosses also makes them often overlooked by players.

Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Since the vast majority of dragon enemies in the game use similar appearance models, despite slight differences in skills and animations, it is still easy for players to feel fatigued. There are not many Ancient Dragons bosses that really satisfy players. Compared with the rich historical background of other bosses, Ancient Dragons Boss is even more empty.

Teaser Image Hints At Godwyn’s Message

A recent trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree released by FromSoftware shows a dainty blond figure riding the player’s torrent, with some sort of dead tree in the distance. The image is blurry, but there are some subtle details here that actually hint at a potential connection to dragons.

In the preview picture, it looks like a golden liquid dead tree, but it is actually two different dead trees entangled together. This is relevant because the undead body of Godwyn lies deep underground in Erdtree. I said his corpse to be the ancestor of Deathroot, a corrupt substance in Elden Ring that causes death state disease.

Elden Ring Godwyn in Shadow of the Erdtree

The connection between the trailer image and Godwyn is significant. Because Deeproot Depths, where the player finds Godwyn’s body, is actually also the location of one of Ancient Dragons’ encounters, namely Lichdragon Fortissax, Godwyn’s former ally.

Fortissax is said to have been encountered in a dream about the undead Godwyn. This is in contrast to the deeper legends, which suggest that Godwyn was the founder of Ancient Dragon Cult, a mysterious group with significant influence in The Lands Between.

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Ancient Dragon Cult’s Connection To Elden Ring Lore

With Deathroot likely appearing in its teaser images, the mysterious Godwyn may play a bigger role. Due to its connection with Ancient Dragon Cult, it means that at some point in DLC, the mystery of Ancient Dragon will also be revealed. Players will probably see Dragonlord in a more powerful form, as he’s far past his prime in Elden Ring base game.

Elden Ring Ancient Dragon

Although they have a limited role in the game, it’s possible that the upcoming expansion will expand on Ancient Dragon’s significance and provide a deeper exploration of its backstory.

With Shadow of the Erdtree set to be a mysterious new chapter in Elden Ring story, Ancient Dragon could be a key presence in some exciting moments in the game.

In any case, before the arrival of Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, it is recommended that players use Elden Ring Runes to obtain suitable equipment, so that you can face the challenge more confidently. Luckily, you can also get an extra 5% off by using the code "CSCCA". Good luck.


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