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Elden Ring: The Tool Most Easily Overlooked By Players - Perfumes

Posted: Feb 22, 2023

Posted: Feb 22, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Raises Potency of Perfume Items, Damaging Armaments, Temporary State of Fervor...... What do these even mean?

You Are Missing Out

Mystery surrounds perfumes, especially for gamers. No one really cares to use them, which is largely because of the very limiting 10 bottle carrying capacity. And some funny crafting recipes also require some of the rarest items in Elden Ring, such as Altus Bloom, Silver Tear Husk, Budding Cave Moss and so on.

What makes me so confident is that I know many hidden details players might not have known about. For example, Perfumers Talisman, on top of increasing only the Spark Aromatics damage by 20%, also increases the damage of Perfumer Bolts by the same amount. But what really matters is that you will quickly realize just how much utility these items really offer.

Best Utility

Let’s look at them one at a time. The Ironjar Aromatic gives you Tier 4 Hardness, which makes light and medium numbers attack bounce off of you, but also makes you slow work and choooonky roll. This effect reduces physical damage taken by 40%, but increases Lightning Damage taken by 60% because of being turned into steel.

Elden Ring Ironjar Aromatic

Did you know that it also increases all resistances by 45 because it doesn’t say that anywhere, not even on the wiki page. You rarely get knocked down pancaked or canceled out of attacks unless you’re dealing with enormous enemies or bosses. And farming the required resources to craft them is also pretty easy.

Most Underrated

While this might not be the best item on its own, it does exceptionally well when combined with other tools, such as the Spark Aromatic used by the perfumers themselves. This perfume made plenty of Tarnished, very upset. So, why not table the turns and make other people feel your pain?

The Spark Aromatic deals with fire damage and can therefore be boosted easily chonking enemies for thousands of HP. It can reset. Frostbite will boost its damage by 50%. It’s the cheapest perfume to craft. Because of that, there’s really no reason to not use them. Having 10 of them with you can easily be a free 15 to 20,000 extra damage. And if at any point you have to deal with a fellow Tarnished, you’re mean enough to combine this with Ironjar.

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Best Buff

Their blood might boil as the perfect middle ground for risk reward based buffs is the Bloodboil Aromatic. It offers the biggest physical damage buff in the game at 30% percent, increases maximum stamina by 20% and lasts a whole minute, which is actually a long time. You take 25% more damage though, which is why it’s right in the middle between its two competitors. flamed grant me Strength and Howl of Shabriri.

The major issue with Bloodboil Aromatic is that it requires Arteria Leaves, which are a finite resource.

Best Debuff

If you choose so, what it comes down to is how risky you want to be pick your poison. I would pick Poison Spraymist.

Did you know that this perfume inflicts the strongest debuff in the game way stronger than Scarlet Rot with only 10 Arcane. The Poison Mist inflicts 26 poison per tick on an enemy five times a second for 7 seconds. That’s a lot of poison at 99 Arcane. It goes all the way to 36 per tick, which is almost 30 more total poison buildup and pretty much enough to poison every enemy and boss in a single use. It is easy to make don’t wake sleeping enemies and stacks with Scarlet Rot for illegal amounts of damage.

Elden Ring Poison Spraymist

The only downside is that it’s not silent. But I think Draconic Tree Sentinel has suffered enough. For now, suffering is an excellent description for the Acid Spraymist because it is the worst and only useless perfume in the game.


While Patches seems to love it, all it really does is lower the damage to enemy deals by 15% for a minute. It takes 4 Formic Rock to craft, which there are only about 30 or so on the entire game and they don’t respawn. They drop from ants, which is terrible.

You would be much better off using Greyoll’s Roar since it does the same job while also dealing damage and making the enemy take 10% more. Sadly, they don’t stack, which makes Roar a much better option in every way, just like the Uplifting Aromatic.

Best Item

The final and arguably best perfume in the entire game, if you have used the Bubbletear Crystal Tear before you’re going to love this one.

They are usable on Spirit Ashes and summons. If I had to live on an abandoned Island and pick just one perfume, it would be SpongeBob SquarePants for women and men, but closely followed by this.

No matter your stats are, this bubble reduces the damage of the next hit by 90% and lasts 40 seconds while also increasing your and your allies’ physical damage by 10%. For the same duration, it works on all forms of allies and can be reused to reapply the bubbles as often as you would like. This would be especially useful for the DLC bosses or any enemy with extremely high damage output. By the way, if you want to kill the bosses more easily, using Elden Ring Runes to equip yourself will help you a lot. It does, however, require Arteria Leaves to craft.

Elden Ring Arteria Leaves

How To Farm?

I think now would be a good time to go over the materials needed and how to easily farm them. I understand farming to many might seem boring. But with these farming spots, it is really not the bad, and the payoff is huge. The Perfumer’s Grotto in Altus Plateau is an absolute gold mine. You can get the four principal ingredients used in almost every perfume recipe. But if you aren’t quite strong enough for this one yet, you can always farm Blooms and Moss around the Perfumer’s Ruins where you get the first bottle, Living Jar Shard, which can be farmed as early as Stormveil Castle.

Before Godrick the Grafted and the Land Octopus Ovary are easily farmable in Limgrave right under this bridge. Silver Tear Husks are all over Nokron and respawn on resting. And Formic Rock drop about once in a Blue Moon from ants anywhere underground.

What might surprise you is that Arteria Leaves are actually kind of common. Snow Giants in the mountaintops drop them pretty much every other run. It’s just a little late in the game, but you will find plenty of them before you even get here, which is an excellent point. If you don’t feel like farming literally just by playing, you get enough resources to craft a bunch of them. So, why not try it next time you play?

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