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Elden Ring: A Player Painted An Amazing Rendition of Albinaurics

Posted: Feb 21, 2023

Using Microsoft Paint, an Elden Ring player has an impressive rendition of Albinaurics walking in the snow. In Elden Ring, locations range from awe-inspiring and celestial to rugged, dark and foreboding. This painting depicts Albinaurics in a particular setting, denoting their suitability for the more rugged aspects of the game.

In Elden Ring, Albinaurics are humanoid enemies. They are said to have been artificially made "by human hands". For Albinaurics, there are two completely different forms. The First Generation looks closer to humans in appearance, while the Second Generation looks a lot more mutated. If we translate their names into Latin, it means "white aura or brightness". In fact, there is a legend behind Albinaurics. But in true Soulsborne fashion, the legend is never fully revealed. Despite being constantly implied that due to its artificiality, Erdtree does not grant Albinaurics Grace, so many will instead seek salvation in another tree, namely Miquella's Haligtree.

Elden Ring Albinaurics

Reddit user Ssosme used artistic renderings to depict a setting in which a trio of Second Generation Albinaurics walk through the snow not toward Haligtree, but towards Erdtree. If there are some people who are shunned by the rest of the world, then be able to come to Haligtree. And for Miquella, she believes that all living things should grow up healthy. However, not everyone will be able to accept Erdtree's Grace, which is very selective. Although some people think that Erdtree is basically a parasite, and it is a very large kind. But, in fact, it's an amazing feature in Elden Ring. And Ssosme has been trying to capture its beauty with Microsoft Paint.

Ssosme's work has a very painterly style and has a lot of textures. And, to capture the landscape in a way that matches its Romantic era inspiration. It was previously recreated in a fan's gorgeous Liurnia landscape painting. In the Romantic era of art, there was a very critical component, and that was the concept of nature. And this concept is essentially an overwhelming force. If humans are compared to them, humans seem weak and powerless. The concept is to connect nature with heaven and God, which fits very well with themes in Elden Ring, such as the rugged landscape in The Lands Between and the way the Erdtree grants grace on all beings.

In The Lands Between, Elden Ring gives you a vast world to explore. In this world, there are many different settings and biomes. However, when you see those locations, you'll immediately recognize them as the unique Elden Ring. And, each location has a variety of challenges, so you'll have a lot of fun exploring. It makes sense that Elden Ring could be known as the new benchmark for future open-world games. Not every game has the budget to create such a complex and fast open world. However, games like Hogwarts Legacy have Easter eggs about Elden Ring, showing you their various appreciations and inspirations for the world. And Elden Ring fans continue to make stunning works of art, like Ssosme's Microsoft Paint piece.

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