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Elden Ring: Morgott's Cutscene Change is Highly Controversial

Posted: Jun 14, 2022

Posted: Jun 14, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Games like Elden Ring, with their grand backgrounds and complex storylines, have always been the subject of discussion among players. Due to the mysterious saga of The Lands Between, players are eager to piece together the full story and lore from the clues. Just recently, players within the community noticed a subtle change in Morgott's cutscene.

In the cutscene of the previous Patch 1.02, Morgott said "Pillagers. Embolden by the flame of ambition," and let the red Flame of Ambition ignite the weapon; but in Patch 1.04, although the lines and the storyboards are the same, Morgott's cutscene lacked that bright red, and the Flame of Ambition that should have spread disappeared.

This change is hard not to attract the attention of all the ardent Elden Ring fans. Many fans can't understand why the cutscene is suddenly changed, and it also triggers a series of theoretical conjectures.

Some players believe that from the perspective of the entire background setting, Morgott is loyal to Greater Will and gained power from Erdtree, so his attacks like Holy Blade Rain, Holy Spear Throw, etc. are all using golden weapons, and fire is considered heresy by the Golden Order. To make the setting more self-consistent and logical, this change is intentional.

But some players believe that this change is just to keep players from getting confused in this Bossfight. Because Morgott didn't bring any flame attack in the first stage, the Bloodflame attack is the screen that appears in the later stage of the battle.

Beyond these conjectures, we can't rule out that the change was just an accidental bug. But whether or not this change has a deeper meaning, most players still prefer the previous version because it brings a better visual experience.

I believe FromSoftware will give us a perfect explanation next. With the arrival of Patch 1.05, Elden Ring will have more complete game mechanics and quality of life, and players can also enjoy new fun in it. IGGM is also committed to improving your gaming experience. You can buy cheap Elden Ring Runes here and get more useful information. Also you can use the code "CSCCA" to get 5% off.

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