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Elden Ring: The most worthy NPCs to beat

Posted: Jun 11, 2022

Posted: Jun 11, 2022

Source:  IGGM

Elden Ring, like the previous series of Soulsborne games, not only has a huge open world, but it is also full of brutal enemies and a variety of battles. Players will encounter many NPCs with different personalities after embarking on the journey as the Tarnished, and according to FromSoftware's classic settings, many NPCs do not only have the function of passing information or opening quests. Many NPCs in Elden Ring can be killed, and players can gain in-game benefits after killing certain NPCs.

1. Blaidd

I believe that players who have experienced the Ranni questline will be impressed by Blaidd because he is Ranni's partner and also helped the Tarnished through the difficulty of defeating Radahn in the game.

In fact, many players don't want to be an enemy of Blaidd, but when players complete Ranni's questline and return to Ranni's Rise, it will become a hostile stance. While this fight can be quite painful, killing Blaidd will reward players with a useful greatsword and his armor set, and his helmet can be found near Seluvis's Rise.

2. Patches

We can see this merchant repeatedly in the game, and he is usually a liar or a traitor. Players will often see Patches surrender and have the opportunity to kill him. For most early players, defeating him may be a big help, as the +7 Spear he drops can greatly help players in early farming and starting battles.

3. Ensha

Ensha of the Royal Remains is Gideon Ofnir's servant. He has little dialogue, leaning against the wall to maintain a focused attitude. But after Ensha becomes an NPC Invader, he will attack the next time the players teleport to the Roundtable Hold, after successfully defeating him the player will get the Clinging Bone and the Royal Remains Set.

4. Gatekeeper Gostoc

When players arrive at Stormveil Castle where Gatekeeper Gostoc is located, he will advise players not to enter through the main entrance. He's been suspiciously helping players in the beginning, but if you die in the castle, he'll steal 30% of your Elden Ring Runes.

For this reason, killing Gatekeeper Gostoc seems inevitable. If you kill him at the beginning, you won't be locked in the room with the Rusty Key.

Killing some NPCs can sometimes be a tough choice, but it can help you progress in Elden Ring. In addition to this way, it is also a good choice to get related services at IGGM, where you can buy Elden Ring Items and use the code "CSCCA" to get 5% off.


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