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Elden Ring: How To Get Briars Of Sin? - A Complete Guide

Posted: Apr 24, 2023

There are a wide variety of weapons in Elden Ring, and players can choose different weapons according to their own play style. Each weapon type deals with different levels of damage to enemies. Different weapons scale from unique skills and provide a wide range of bonus effects.

At the same time, this setting also allows players to exercise great creativity in building characters. Many players have stated that Bleed effect is one of the most powerful status effects in Elden Ring, and they even represented it as a powerful effect throughout that Dark Souls series of games.

As a damage effect, Bleed will cumulatively cause a certain percentage of damage output to the enemy based on the target’s maximum health. Also, because it is based on damage settings that weaken a certain percentage of the enemy’s health, Bleed is also very suitable for dealing with powerful enemies with high health.

Many of the weapons in Elden Ring also provide a portion of Bleed effect, and some spells, such as Briars Of Sin, also include Bleed’s skills.

Elden Ring Briars of Sin Location

Location Of Briars Of Sin

Briars Of Sin is located in Liurnia Of The Lakes, on the right side of the lake. You have to cross the entire length of the lake from where you enter the lake on the left. Players need to start from Artist’s Shack location and ride north along the cliffs by the lake, passing through rock formations leading to another cliff.

Straight ahead, you’ll see the enemy’s camp, flanked by a burning meadow. There will be some Fire Slugs and a Thorn Sorcerer. Fire Slugs are slow, and players will often just run to them and ignore them, and your goal is to kill Thorn Sorcerer.

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This Sorcerer will have access to two Briar spells and will die quickly if hit. So the safest thing to do is to kill him before he casts his spells, or fight him at a distance outside the attack range of those spells. Players will drop Briars of Sin spell upon successfully killing Thorn Sorcerer.

Briars of Sin Elden Ring

How To Use Briars Of Sin

Briars Of Sin is a unique spell because, like Briars Of Punishment, it requires Faith to remember and measure damage. Players need to use 24 Faith to memorize to use this spell, and it will also take up one of your memory slots, but it only costs 6 FP per cast.

But using this spell also comes with certain risks. Once your effective HP is depleted, it drives you to use your own blood to create Briars to continue casting spells.

This spell deals massive magic damage and extra Bleed effect to your enemies, and can be cast in succession, even dealing massive damage and Bleed effect to nearby enemies.

Briars of Sin Gameplay Elden Ring

Since this is a short-range spell, the enemy’s surprise attack can easily interrupt the player during the casting of the spell. You need to time your casts correctly so that enemies cannot interrupt your casts.

While it might not be the best combat method to use the same spell repeatedly like sending spamming, players using this spell while Bleed effect keeps hitting enemies until they die and take additional damage.

It’s also important to keep an eye on your health while casting spells, as some spell users have their health drained before they’ve even managed to cast their spell. Therefore, I would suggest that you can use Elden Ring Runes in advance to get some defensive equipment to prevent accidental death. Luckily, you can also take advantage of the code “CSCCA” to get 5% off. Don’t hesitate, try it now.


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