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Elden Ring: How To Get Crystal Burst Spell? - A Complete Guide

Posted: Apr 26, 2023

Elden Ring offers the player an enormous selection of spells to choose from, all of which have their uses. I believe many players will often encounter groups of enemies or a powerful boss whose life value is much higher than their own in Lands Between, which makes players often helpless. The appearance of the spell Crystal Burst is very useful for players to deal with this situation.

Players often use some spells hidden in the game or dropped after killing the boss to continuously improve their own strength. In the open world of Elden Ring, players can find more spells early on if they know where to look, as these spells build a wider range of skills to tackle some difficult early game bosses.

Elden Ring How To Get Crystal Burst

Location Of Crystal Burst

Crystal Burst tends to appear in the early part of the game, but you should get Torrents first to help you cover distances quickly and fight later on more easily.

Players first need to go to Weeping Peninsula. On the north side of the island, a Demi-Human Forest Ruins will be found, and Demi-Human Queen mini-boss is hidden in this ruin. Immediately after the boss is defeated, the spell also drops in the middle of the ruins, where it can be easily seen by the player from the outside.

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Demi-Human Queen isn’t a particularly powerful boss in the early stages, especially for those fighting in torrents. But there’s a catch. While you’re concentrating on attacking Queen, you’ll also need to avoid many other Demi-Humans in the ruins.

But once the player successfully defeats the Queen, the other Demi-Humans become harmless as well. It’s also worth noting that players perform quick strikes and dodges when fighting the Queen at their best. Due to her ability to use Crystal Burst, she can deal a lot of damage to players in a short range. After the player kills the boss, Crystal Burst and Demi-Human Queen's Staff will also be dropped as rewards.

Get Demi-Human Queen's Staff and Crystal Burst Location

How To Use Crystal Burst

To use Crystal Burst, players need 18 points of Intelligence to memorize and occupy a memory slot, and at the same time they need to cast 14 FP. Not only does this spell have a short casting time, but it also has a relatively low stamina cost per cast, making it a perfect quick-fire spell for dealing pure magic damage to enemies.

The spell fires multiple Glintstone Shards forward in a spread out pattern, making it easy to attack at short range, but very inaccurate at longer ranges.

Crystal Burst is best used as a shotgun-type spell, especially against groups of close-range enemies or stronger bosses, who can be easily hit by firing multiple Glintstone Shards.

Other, more powerful spells quickly surpassed this spell, but it’s an excellent choice for ancient game magic building, and perfect for exploring open worlds that are often filled with hordes of enemies. This spell is also a good spammable spell because it costs very little FP.

Elden Ring How to Get Demi-Human Queen's Staff and Crystal Burst

Demi-Human Queen’s Staff is also a powerful weapon that pairs well with your new spell and can help it do more damage than the usual starting or early game staffs you’ve had so far.

The above is all the information on how players can find and use Crystal Burst spell, which is still very worthwhile for players to acquire.

But before you start looking, I still recommend that you prepare some suitable equipment. You can utilize Elden Ring Runes to get them to prevent accidental death when you fight with Demi-Human Queen. Plus, you can use code “CSCCA” to get 5% off. Come and try it out.


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