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Elden Ring: How To Get Briars Of Punishment? - A Complete Guide

Posted: Apr 23, 2023

As we all know, Bleed sorceries is one of the powerful spells in Elden Ring. In addition to causing a lot of magic damage to the enemy, it will also cause an additional buildup of bleeding to the enemy.

Players can also find and use a wide variety of spells in Lands Between, but more important than using spells is understanding and dealing with the damage and status effects of different types of spells.

Bleed sorceries have been a powerful status effect throughout the history of FromSoftware developed series, both in the temporary history of Elden Ring and in the longer Dark Souls franchise.

The actual damage caused by Bleed sorceries to the enemy is usually calculated by weakening a certain percentage of the enemy’s maximum health, and this setting makes it more advantageous for players to use this spell when facing some enemies with very high health.

Briars Of Punishment are AOE Bleed sorceries with a wider attack range that appear in Elden Ring, but are often difficult for players to find. Here, I will tell you how to find and use Briars Of Punishment.

Elden Ring Briars Of Punishment Spell Location

Where To Find Briars Of Punishment

If players want to find Briars Of Punishment, Zamor Ruins Site of Grace in the northern mountains of Lands Between will be your starting point. All the way along here to the left of the ruins, surrounded by mountains. Then you need to continue walking east along the path, or you can ride a torrent and continue walking around the mountain on your left.

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Walk around the mountain along its base, keeping the mountain to your left at all times. Until you get to the other side of the mountain, you'll find a long bridge and three completely different cliffsides. Then you need to find the middle plateau with a gigantic tree on the edge.

Here, you’ll find three Thorn Sorcerers, each with access to different Briars spells. Since all three of them are in close proximity, the player’s best bet is to kill them from a distance or on horseback, lest all three of their spells hit you at the same time and die quickly. You’ll find a lootable corpse underneath a dead tree nearby, on which you’ll find Briars Of Punishment.

Elden Ring Briars of Punishment location

How To Use Briars Of Punishment

Briars Of Punishment is a very special spell. It is different from other spells in that it uses Faith to remember and control the scaling of damage to enemies. This feature also makes this spell more suitable for a build that primarily uses spells and builds on the development of Faith.

To use Briars Of Punishment, players need to use 21 Faith to memorize, occupying a memory slot, and also need 9 FP to cast it. Like its Briars of Sin counterpart, this spell requires players to spend their own health to cast, using their own blood to create Briars.

But because of its Faith requirement, this spell might not be the best choice for an intelligence-heavy build. Because the spell is staff-based, Briars Of Punishment might be better as a unique alternative for players who usually focus on spells.

Elden Ring how to get Briars Of Punishment Spell

In comparison, AOE attack range of Briars Of Punishment is wider than that of Briars of Sin, and can hit more enemies, but the damage and bleed buildup it causes are far less powerful than Briars of Sin. While this spell is less effective, it has a longer range and is a safer option for those who don’t want enemies to get too close.

Overall, Briars Of Punishment is also a good spell, players can easily find and use it through this guide. Although there is no particularly powerful boss in the search process, we recommend that you prepare some suitable equipment in advance, just in case. Players can utilize enough Elden Ring Runes to get it, and you can also use the code “CSCCA” to get 5% off. Come and try it out!


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