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Elden Ring: A Short Walkthrough Guide For Dragon Burnt Ruins

Posted: Aug 09, 2023

Here I’m going to bring you a short walkthrough guide for Elden Ring Dragon-Burnt Ruins and the surrounding area. With this guide, you can easily explore and conquer these areas in Elden Ring.

Location Of Dragon-Burnt Ruins

Dragon-Burnt Ruins are located due east of Sites of Grace near White Mask Varre. Check the cliffs east of Sites of Grace and you’ll find a series of descending ledges. You’ll then come across some Giant Bats and some Crucified Tarnished monsters around a large hole in the ground.

Elden Ring: Treasures of the Dragon-Burnt Ruins Walkthrough Guide

On the right, you’ll find a corpse with a Smithing Stone in its hand. Along the southern line of the cliff to the east, hold your camera up and you’ll be able to spot Giant Bats hanging from ancient pillars. You’ll need to use Bone Darts to knock them down and kill them so they don’t ambush you later.

Continue east and you’ll find five Giant Bats, which are active even during the day. You’re going to kill them all anyway, and find the corpse with a Golden Rune. Just north of here, you’ll see Dragon-Burnt Ruins.

Elden Ring: Dragon-Burnt Ruins Walkthrough and Location

Find The Secret Cave

But first we have to find a secret cave with items and meet another NPC. At the beginning of the game, you may have noticed an item on the ledge behind Stranded Graveyard, Flask of Crimson Tears.

These are the consumable items we will need on this adventure. So you can also choose to use Elden Ring Runes to get enough resources before you start. Note that you can also get 5% off with the code “CSCCA”.

Continue southeast along the ledge until you find Seaside Ruins Site of Grace. Activate this feature and ride the torrent past these two Eagles. Tilt the camera down and you can see some ledges below.

To fall here without taking damage, you need to fall through this corner, then jump and land on this little ledge as you fall. Move to this side of the platform and descend to the other ledge below. Then jump off the side, making sure to land on this boulder below.

Elden Ring: Haligdrake Talisman

Then, avoiding the powerful enemies on the beach, we drove west along the cliff face until we found this secret cave. There’s also a short tunnel leading directly to the ledge of Stranded Graveyard, where you’ll find Haligdrake Talisman. It enhances Holy Damage offset and is very useful in upcoming boss fights.

Quickly return to Seaside Ruins Site of Grace and head northeast. Below these ruins, you’ll come across Bloody Finger Hunter Yura.

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Next we headed north out of the ruins and rode the torrent northwest to Dragon-Burnt Ruins. Walls surround the closest area, and you have to double-jump on the torrent to get past them. Go down the stairs and you’ll find a secret room with a chest containing Twinblade. Twinblade is a powerful Crowd Control weapon that enhances Strength and Dexterity.

Because of the high number of Dogs in the area, the rest of Dragon-Burnt Ruins are best faced with torrents as well. In the eastern area, you’ll come across a few Dogs and find a dead body with Crab Eggs. And on the west side, you’ll encounter more Dogs and Wandering Nobles.

Elden Ring: How To Get Torrent Mount And Where To Find It?

Go all the way into the center and kill all these Wandering Nobles. But you need to be careful carrying Torches’ Wandering Nobles.

In the center of the area there is a secret room that leads to a room full of Giant Rats. I suggest you stay in the torrent to keep moving and kill them all.

Trapped Teleporter Chest

Then open the door of the next room and find a chest. Note that this is a trapped teleporter chest. If you open it, you’ll have a split second to jump or escape before you’ll be teleported deep into Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

The enemies here are too tough for you to explore this area, so I suggest you head down the hill and rest at Sites of Grace near the entrance. You won’t be able to fast travel using the map until you rest at Sites of Grace and exit the cave.

Elden Ring: How to Escape Sellia Crystal Tunnel?

Ride north from Dragon-Burnt Ruins and you’ll see a group of Wandering Nobles in the distance. As you approach them, you’ll witness the amazing landing of Flying Dragon Agheel. This is an optional boss, and unless you’re close to level 50, you’ll have a hard time fighting it.

That concludes my walkthrough guide in and around Dragon-Burnt Ruins. I hope it helps you explore and conquer with ease in the early days of Elden Ring.


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