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Elden Ring: Best Critical Hits Build For Patch 1.10! - The Stance Breaker

Posted: Aug 09, 2023

If patch 1.10 for Elden Ring revolves around Critical Hits for PVE, then we need a Critical Hits build, right? Yes. We’re going to use a combination of the Executioner’s Greataxe, the Brass Shield and some Critical Hit Talismans for some devastating guard counters. You can also use Golden Parry as yet another way to break an enemy’s stance and deliver devastating Critical Hits. 

This really is an easy mode. And thanks to the Brass Shield, you will actually find it easier just blocking attacks of any magnitude. We have some great Ashes of War to support the build and we have the Bloodboil Aromatic. 

All in all, this build is called The Stance Breaker

Elden Ring: Best Critical Hits Build For Patch 1.10! - The Stance Breaker

Stat Spread - Starting Class & Point Allocation

Let’s first start with the class and stats so we can wreck anything and everything. 

I started with the Hero class. We have Vigor at 57, Mind at 12, Endurance at 47, Strength at 78 (it can be boosted to 80 thanks to our Omensmirk Mask), Dexterity at 9, Intelligence at 7, Faith at 8 and Arcane at 11. 

The Gear - Weapons, Armor, Talismans, Ashes of War, Flask of Wondrous Physick 

The main weapon of this build is the Executioner’s Greataxe, which has a critical rating of 115. It’s great for our Critical Hits.On this, we have the Ash of War Cragblade. This boosts our physical damage by 15% and our stance damage by 10%. 

We have a dagger in the main hand as well, which we can switch to to cast the Golden Vow Ash of War for extra damage and defense.

In our offhand, we have the Brass Shield and we can choose between two Ashes of War on this. The first is Barricade Shield. This gives us tier 4 Hardness to withstand pretty much any attack while blocking. The second is Golden Parry. If you’re feeling a little more confident, you can Parry your way to delivering Critical Hits.

As for the armor then, we have the Omensmirk Mask, which will boost our Strength by two points. We have the Banished Knight Armor, the Fire Prelate Greaves and Lionel’s Gauntlets. This gear gives us an insane 101 Poise and we still have a medium load.

As for our Talismans, we have the Curved Sword Talisman boosting our guard counters, the Dagger Talisman boosting our Critical Hit Damage by 17%, the Great Shield Talisman reducing Stamina damage whilst blocking, and the Bull-Goat’s Talisman, which raises our Poise by 33%.

Now, there is a fifth Talisman, the Axe Talisman, which we can swap in when fighting enemies we are not guard countering more on this when we look at combat.

In the Flask of Wondrous Physick, we have the Greenspill Crystal Tear, which boosts our maximum Stamina and the Stonebarb Cracked Tear to help break enemy Stance quicker.

Before we look at combat, I need to mention the Bloodboil Aromatic. This little beauty is increasing our physical damage by +30%, our Max stamina by +20%, but we do take 25% more damage. But let’s be honest, we have our Shield up, so who cares about that?

Elden Ring Executioner's Greataxe


Next up, let’s look at the combats start by switching to the dagger and buffing with Golden Vow, switch the Executioner’s Greataxe and buff it with Cragblade, then pop the Bloodboil Aromatic, then I would advise to pop the Flask of Wondrous Physick as late as you can. 

Hold up the shield and wait for enemies to attack, then hit with your heavy attack. R2 on PlayStation to deliver a guard counter, you will find yourself more often than not breaking an enemy’s Stance in as little as two guard counters. Then, you deliver your Health melting Critical Hits.

Now, a really cool tip to keep the Stance damage from resetting on the more mobile enemies is to throw daggers at them to keep the Stance damage ticking over. When it comes to the odd enemies that don’t really give us a chance to use guard counters, you can of course break them with Golden Parry or even easier, just hit them with charged heavy R2 attacks with the Executioner’s Greataxe two-handed.

If doing this just swap out the Curved Sword Talisman and the Great Shield Talisman for the Axe Talisman and a damage negation Talisman, depending on what damage you are taking.

What’s great about two-handing the Executioner’s Greataxe is that you can still guard counter if you want to. With this, it will not be as effective as using a shield, but you still have the option. 

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Item/Gear Locations 

The Executioner’s Greataxe can be dropped by numerous skeleton enemies you see wielding it. You can grab a dagger from the Twin Maiden Husks at the round table hold for 400 Elden Ring Runes. Please note: if you use the code “CSCCA”, you can also get 5% off.

The Brass Shield can be dropped by numerous enemies, mainly the Godric soldiers and as early as the start of the game.

The Omensmirk Mask is dropped by a Lesser Omenkiller outside the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

The Banished Knight Armor is dropped by numerous Banished Knight enemies

The Fire Prelate Greaves can be dropped by Fire Prelate enemies.

The Lionel’s Gauntlets can be found on a bed in the building with the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

The Curved Sword Talisman could be found by Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace and Stormveil Castle. Go up the stairs on the side of the castle and up to the third floor of the Wine Cellar. Enter the door on the eastern wall to find a dark room with a Banished Knight as well as a chest with this Talisman.

The Dagger Talisman is in the hanging cage room behind the Imp Statue fog gate in Volcano Manor.

The Great Shield Talisman is found in a carriage chest east of the Erdtree Gazing Hill Site of Grace. Watch out for the three fire arrow balliste guarding the carriage.

The Bull-Goat’s Talisman can be found in the back of Dragonbarrow Cave. From the entrance, take a left onto the Giant Bear’s patrol route. Search that side of the cave until you find the Talisman at the very end on a corpse.

The Axe Talisman is found in a cellar underneath the Mistwood Ruins in eastern Limgrave.

The Greenspill Crystal Tear is found in Mistwood founded on the altar next to the minor Erdtree Mistwood, along with the Spiked Cracked Tear. 

The Stonebarb Cracked Tear is obtained by defeating the Putrid Avatar in Caelid.

Elden Ring Bloodboil Aromatic

As for our Bloodboil Aromatic mats, you will need the Perfumer’s Cookbook (2), Altless Bloom x2, Budding Cave Moss x1, Land Octopus Ovary x1 and Arterial Leaf x1.

The Cragblade Ash of War is found west of the Impassable Greatbridge in Caelid on a Scarab near the Sword Monuments.

The Ash of War Golden Vow is obtained by defeating the mounted Godrick Knight to the east of the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace

The Ash of War Golden Parry is found on a Teardrop Scarab in the Royal Capital Outskirts

The Ash of War Barricade Shield can be obtained by defeating the Night’s Cavalry on the Weeping Peninsula.


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