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Elden Ring: How To Complete Coastal Cave & Enter Church Of Dragon Communion? - A Walkthrough Guide

Posted: Aug 11, 2023

Welcome back to the new Elden Ring walkthrough! Today, we’ll guide you through a Coastal Cave full of simple enemies and let you into a brand new area of the game, Church of Dragon Communion.

Travel To Coastal Cave

As we ride east from the ruins in front of the gate, you may hear calls from the side of the road. The sound came from a strange tree beside the road. After you cut down the tree, you’ll find an NPC, Demi-Human Boc. After talking with it, you will know the specific direction of Coastal Cave, enter from the beach southwest of this Church of Elleh.

Elden Ring: Secrets of the Coastal Cave Walkthrough Guide

A word of caution: be sure to spend 200 Elden Ring Runes to get Torch from Merchant Kale before leaving the church. Because the environment inside Coastal Cave is mostly dark. Notably, you can also get 5% off with the code “CSCCA”.

Take Torrent all the way downhill southwest, and you’ll find a Giant Troll in your path. Of course, you can avoid this by turning west and heading for the cliff.

Just to the east, you can find a campfire under a large area of ruins. Move along the cliff until you reach above these ruins and drop down. Under the ruins you’ll meet another Merchant. Although he’s not as friendly as Kale, you can restock some must-have consumables here. Just Neutralizing Boluses and Armorer’s Cookbook [2] he sells, which you can also get by making your own.

After leaving Merchant, we rode west along the beach until we found the entrance to Coastal Cave. Some Demi-Humans are gathered on a rock next to the cave. We can enter the tunnel after picking up Torch.

Elden Ring: Coastal Cave Location

Collect Items

In the first area, you’ll find a Site of Grace, and Demi-Human Boc is also here. You just don’t attack him. We then continued deeper into the cave until we encountered a Demi-Human enemy. You can kill him easily. Then we continue into the tunnel on the right. After killing all Demi-Humans, look for a corpse holding a Land Octopus Ovary.

Get ready for a boss fight before heading into the next cave. Check Golden Order Seal on the ground, and summon another Tarnished: Old Knight Istvan. He’ll assist you in battle, but his Seal won’t work if he’s dead.

Once inside the cave, you can summon Lone Wolf Ashes. Note that the first Demi-Human Chief is just around the corner, sitting with a group of Demi-Humans. Your call will distract Chief as much as possible so you can attack from behind.

Elden Ring: Where To Find Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools?

Target a Demi-Human Chief and try to keep attacking until he dies. Also, step back occasionally to recover and avoid counterattacks. After killing two Chiefs, you’ll get Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools.

You can also collect some Silver Firefly in the cave. Go into the back tunnel of the cave, and you’ll find a glowing point, which will allow you to return to the entrance, but don’t use it. Instead, continue into the next tunnel. There are some extra Demi-Humans enemies in this tunnel to fight.

Church Of Dragon Communion

Continue through the tunnel and eventually you’ll emerge on the small island off the south coast of Limgrave. Then we took Torrent up the mountain to find this Site of Grace and Church of Dragon Communion. On this ritual altar, you can earn Dragon Communion Incantations by consuming Dragon Hearts.

Near the cliff behind the church, you’ll find a corpse with a Great Dragonfly Head inside. We can use it as a crafting item to cure and prevent poisoning. There are also these Guillemots nearby, which may drop Four-Toed Fowl Foot, another valuable crafting item.

You can ride a torrent and hop on this massive ruin to the top, where you’ll find important messages someone left behind. You can see this Church of Dragon Communion on the cliff to the east. Behind this ruin, a ramp leads to a lower ledge. Kill Scarab, you find here to get Somber Smithing Stones [1]. Further down the sloping ledge, you’ll find a Turtle and a corpse holding Smithing Stone [2].

Elden Ring: Church of Dragon Communion Location Guide

Complete Quest

Finally, we use the map to head back to Coastal Cave Site of Grace and find Demi-Human Boc. Talk to him again and give him the needle to boost his spirits and continue his questline.

This is the end of our Coastal Cave exploration trip. Hopefully, this walkthrough guide will help you gain a better understanding of these areas and nearby enemies before you actually start your mission. Hope it helps you.


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