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Elden Ring: How To Beat Godrick Easily? - A Complete Guide

Posted: Apr 28, 2023

Posted: Apr 28, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Recently, players in Elden Ring community discovered a unique way to win early boss fights, and it gave all players a surprising way to counter most of Godrick The Grafted’s attacks.

I believe that fans who are familiar with FromSoftware games know that almost every boss battle in the game is extremely challenging. Elden Ring is no exception.

It usually requires the player to repeat the boss battle over and over again. The player needs to be familiar with the operation mechanism of each boss’ battle and also needs a certain amount of luck to successfully pass the level. However, mastering a skill can often make boss fights easier.

Elden Ring: Guide To Beat Godrick Easily

Since Elden Ring is a non-linear open world game, there are no official bosses. But if the player does stick to the critical path, perhaps Godrick will be the first boss of the large Legacy Dungeons the player encounters in Elden Ring.

Exploring Stormveil Castle is actually a story in itself, and it introduces Elden Ring players too many key ideas and game mechanics that will be useful later in the game. And Godrick is a great example of this, with his attack speed, fast attack speed, amazing changes, and will be one of the most powerful bosses players will face.

Many Elden Ring players may not have found the best way to defeat Godrick, and many players felt that Godrick could be more dangerous than other boss fights. But a recent video in the community strongly refuted this view.

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An Elden Ring player, Marca-Texto, uploaded their process of defeating Godrick to the community. We can see that the player successfully avoided all of Godrick The Grafted’s attacks with a simple jump. This surprised many players, not expecting it to be so easy to dodge Godrick’s attack.

Most Elden Ring players will try to use other strategies to confront and defeat Godrick head-on. They’ll use magic to attack within a certain range, while dodging in and out of range based on the attack, or they’ll avoid attacks with dodge rolls that provide windows of invincibility.

Jumping a lot to avoid attacks during a boss fight can be very dangerous, but this trick is very useful against Godrick.

How To Easily Kill Godrick The Grafted

Of course, Elden Ring players will know that it takes more than just jumping skills to defeat Godrick. To use jumps effectively, players must have a detailed understanding of when Godrick attacks and where his abilities land.

However, Godrick The Grafted’s attacks are often delayed, tempting players to dodge prematurely before taking damage. A player who wants to effectively skip all attacks needs to know exactly when its attack animation triggers its damage output.

Still, it’s a place to remember for players looking to gain every advantage when battling Elden Ring’s most dangerous foes. Maybe instead of dodging Godrick’s next attack, it’s better to jump over it. However, practice and dodging can take equally long.

All in all, it’s not that easy to defeat Godrick, but if the player can successfully time his attacks and dodge accurately, it may not be impossible to defeat him.

However, it is still recommended that players use Elden Ring Runes to obtain some suitable equipment before starting the boss battle to prevent accidental death after being injured by Godrick. Luckily, you can also get 5% off with the code “CSCCA”. Hurry up and try it out.


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