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Elden Ring: How To Build A Perfect Paladin? - Strength Faith Build Guide

Posted: Apr 29, 2023

I’ll show you my Paladin build and give you some tips on how to use this build throughout the game so you can create your own Paladin.

Weapons And Armor

I use “Golden Order Greatsword” for several reasons. First off, I love the visual attack of this weapon, which literally turns out to be the Paladin’s Sacred Sword, which can chop everyone in half and do massive damage to them when they leave the ground.

Secondly, when using sword skill, it will cause explosion damage. After swinging the sword and exploding, the sword will cause damage when it flies to the enemy. Most importantly, this sword does pure Holy Damage.

Golden Order Greatsword Elden Ring

“Golden Order Greatsword” has been buffed in the patch, now it does more damage than before, it attacks faster, and most importantly, it gets Attribute Scaling and Faith boosts. The sword also deals +20% damage to undead enemies and prevents Skeletons from reviving.

Next, I want to talk about Brass Shield I use, which is one of the best medium shields in the entire game. It fits my impression of Paladin very well.

We’ll also use another item, “Frenzied Flame Seal.” You can receive it as a gift from Three Fingered Maid. Increases the power of ‘Frenzied Flame’ wishes by 20% to burn their souls to ashes.

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Let’s move on to armor. There are many options, but as a Paladin, you should feel like you are serving a god. That’s why I use “Twinned Armor.” It’s perfectly balanced, absorbs both physical and magical attacks well, and is available to each of you at the start of the game. Also, the chest of this armor protrudes an image that literally surrounds and protects you, as if an angel keeps you safe. It fits perfectly with the built image.

You can use Elden Ring Runes to acquire these gears properly, which will make your building process more effective with less effort. Plus, you can get 5% off with the code “CSCCA.” Hurry up and try it out.


Now, let’s talk about Talismans you will need. Topping the list is “Shard of Alexander,” which increases weapon skill damage by 15%. You can get it in the crumbling Farum-Azula. It drops from Iron Fist Alexander after completing his storyline.

The second Talismans on the list is “Sacred Scorpion Charm,” which increases all Holy Damage from any source by 12%, but reduces all Physical Resistances by 10%. You can get it in Starry Wastes, where Burning Temple is located. This is also the reward for killing Devourer of Extinguished Anastasia.

Elden Ring Talismans

The third Talisman is one of the best Talismans in the game, “Godfrey Icon.” It increases the damage of Energized spells by 15%. You can get it in Altus Plateau where Golden Dynasty’s Tomb is located. It is a reward for killing the boss “Godfrey the Stout.”

The fourth Talisman we will use is “Flock’s Canvas Talisman.” It will increase Prayer Damage by 8%, but it is extremely difficult to get. You can use its analog “Faithful’s Canvas Talisman,” which increases Prayer Damage by 4%. If these spells don’t suit you, you can take “Ritual Sword Talisman” in the fourth slot. It increases all incoming damage by 10% while at full health. Now, let’s move on to the spells our Paladin will be using.

Spells And Buffs

Since we’re playing as Paladin, we need to punish our enemies not only with weapons but also with prayers. We’ll burn their souls from the inside out. Flame of Frenzy is one of the best AOE spells in the game. Requirements for features are minimal. When used, it will generate a large amount of flames, causing a wide range of damage, and the casting speed is fast.

After Frenzied Burst is ready, the player can fire a beam at enemies, piercing them. It has a long range and high projectile velocity. While Charged, spells deal 20% increased damage.

Elden Ring Spells And Buffs

Golden Vow” increases damage output by the player and their allies within a small area by 15%, and resistance to all types of damage by 10%. Effect duration is 80 seconds. “Blessing of the Erdtree” lasts 90 seconds and restores the character’s HP every tick. This is an excellent spell that allows you to not worry about your health and not get killed by mistake.

If you need an extra buff, you can use “Flame, grant me strength”, which increases all fire and physical damage a character does by 20%. There is also “Bloodboil Aromatic,” which increases physical damage to all enemies by 30%, but reduces the player’s defense by 25%.

Paladin Attributes

The Attributes required for this build are:

  • Vigor 50 points
  • Mind 27 points
  • Endurance 32 points
  • Strength 40 points
  • Dexterity 25 points
  • Intelligence 16 points
  • Faith 45 points

We don’t need intel points for this build. Fifty points of Vigor are enough to survive the start of a new game. You have decent armored, a powerful shield, and you’re buffing with Golden Vow. I recommend getting Vigor up to sixty at some point.

Elden Ring Strength Faith Build Guide

Mind here is twenty-seven, but you’ll probably want more Mind, so you’ll want to bump it up to around thirty-five. Buffs like Golden Vow don’t come cheap. Thirty-two-point Endurance is the maximum wearing standard that does not limit the weight of equipment. I know Holy Damage isn’t the best type, but it’s still powerful here.

That’s all for my complete process of creating a Paladin build in Elden Ring. Hopefully, I’ve shown you how to get a really good Paladin for your new game.


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