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EA FC 24: Get Ready For TOTS - Master These Strategies For The Annual Event

Posted: Apr 18, 2024

Posted: Apr 18, 2024

Source:  IGGM

With Team of the Season just around the corner, there's a lot to delve into in EA FC 24. Currently, we have the Team of the Season Warm-Up series, offering some enticing packs. In this guide, I'll provide you with valuable advice on how to get ready for this exciting event.

EA FC 24: Get Ready For TOTS - Master These Strategies For The Annual Event

Free Playstyle Plus

Let's kick things off with a crucial tip. Keep a vigilant eye on the store, especially for any inexpensive packs available at this stage of the game. There's a high likelihood that many TOTS cards will feature free Playstyles. This insight could prove invaluable as you prepare for the upcoming TOTS event.

The cards can get free Playstyle plus by then. The best Team of the Year or Season cards, if not a lot of them, are going to start having free Playstyle plus. Free Playstyle plus are going to massively change the meta. It is also good to get these cards with an inconsiderable amount of EA FC 24 Coins.

Team Of The Season

As for the teams, I would probably wait for the Premier League Team of the Season. That's normally the second team of the season. As in the previous TOTS events, we will get the Community Team of the Season the first week. You might get some good cards in there, but there are not many elite ones. You could wait for the Ultimate Team of the Season, but that could be 6, 7 weeks away.

We always tend to get Community Team of the Season the first week, Prem Team of the Season, but then we'll still have Spanish, Bundesliga, French, and Italian, all tend to get amazing cards. Premier League tends to be the most expensive because it's probably the most popular league. And then after we've had the 5 major leagues, we tend to get an Ultimate Team of the Season.

EA FC 24 Team Of The Season

FUT Champions

In terms of the FUT Champions, it's crucial to maximize your efforts now. Without a doubt, now is the time to secure top-tier players. When Team of the Season kicks off, it marks the pinnacle of FUT Champions rewards.

But if you want to play your own, which most people obviously will, it is a good time to play it. The FUT Champions tend to run a lot longer during Team of the Season. They're not confirmed it yet, but it's normally Friday to Wednesday. Team of the Season is the by far the best in terms of the reward you're going to get. Keep your eye out on the objectives as well.

TOTS Warm Up

Now, we have these warm up daily login upgrades. It's crazy at this point in the game that these cards aren't as good as the cards in previous seasons, but keep an eye out for objectives. You can get season XP. You might get some good cards, even with these at this point in EA FC 24.

Keep an eye out for Squad Building Challenges. Remember to go do this upgrade thing. If you've not done it already, but at this point of the game, I wouldn't really be considering any SBCs because SBCs at this point in the game, they're not going to be as good as the Team of the Season ones because the Team of the Season ones, we're expecting to be free Playstyles.

Get your team ready, make sure you've got used to a tactic. If there's any time of the year to concentrate and sweat as hard as you can for the Weekend League, it's Team of the Season. Make sure you know your tactic that you want to play, make sure your team's in a good place.


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