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Differences Of Getting Wickerman's XP Buff Between Classic WotLK And Shadowlands

Posted: Oct 20, 2022


As Halloween is approaching recently, World of Warcraft has also launched Hallow's End to celebrate the event. Freed from the shackles of the Scourge, all creatures from Forsaken celebrate their regained freedom in this event. In the context of this game, the event will not only be full of many special challenges, but will also introduce many rich rewards.

Among them, the most attractive point of Hallow's End is an event's buff called "Invocation of the Wickerman". This buff grants the player 10% experience and reputation and has a duration of two hours.

If you want to get this buff, you need to go to Tirisfal Glades to find and interact with the Wickerman Festival NPCs. And Tirisfal Glades is close to the border of Silverpine Forest, players should find it on the map in advance.

It's worth noting that there are actually some differences in how Classic WotLK and Shadowlands players get buffs.

Players In Classic WotLK

For Horde players in Classic WotLK, their method of acquiring buffs is relatively simple. Since Wickerman Embers are spawned from time to time on the ground around the Wickerman Statue, all they need to do is loot these Wickerman Embers. One thing to keep in mind, though, is to make sure to get the buff between 8pm and 6am server time.

For Alliance players, their steps to get this buff will be relatively complicated. Because they only have a chance to loot the Wickerman Ember and gain buffs by killing any Wickerman Guardian guarding the Wickerman Statue. Since they have a lot of HP, it is not easy to kill them alone, so players need to prepare in advance.

Players In Shadowlands

Compared to Classic WotLK, it is much easier for players to obtain buffs in Shadowlands. They only need to interact with the Burning Wickerman's Ash Pile to gain the buff. And don't worry about time constraints, as they can gain buffs at any time of the day.

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