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Diablo 4: Midwinter Blight Limited-Time Event Is Coming! - Event Explanation & Rewards

Posted: Dec 09, 2023

Posted: Dec 09, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Today we’re going to talk about a limited time event in Diablo 4 called Midwinter Blight. It’s winter themed, with lots of goodies to unlock and secrets to uncover.

This event goes live on December 12 and ends on January 2, 2024. Without further ado, let’s do some quick introductions.

Getting Started With The Event Vendor, Gileon The Bard

Once Midwinter Blight is activated, you need to travel to Kyovashad. To the left of the waypoint you will see a Midwinter Square. There, talk to a Bard named Gileon. He is your Event Vendor, so you will see him often.

Diablo 4: Midwinter Blight Limited-Time Event Is Coming! - Event Explanation & Rewards

Rewards: Backpieces, Weapon Skins, And Cosmetics

So, what types of rewards can we expect?

Players can actually get five different Backpieces, one from each class, to showcase this most gruesome holiday.

Here are some of the insane Weapon Skins you can get during the event. As we mentioned before, players can also get up to 14 different cosmetics across all classes, all for free.

Diablo 4: Insane Weapon Skins Rewards

Farming Midwinter Blight Resources

You may be wondering how to farm these items. We have three types of activity materials for you to find: Blighted Fragments, Lost Heirlooms, and Red-Cloaked Trophies. They can all be obtained from the purple areas on the map.

Let’s move on to discuss all three types. You’ll find most of Blighted Fragments from Blightfiend monsters on the map. And it drops Lost Heirlooms from these scary-looking Frigid Husks scattered throughout the area.

But to find Trophies, you need to kill Red-Cloaked Horror. It’s a big, bad goat that has a chance to spawn when you complete the mastery for Blighted Revelry Event. It’s randomly hidden in the area, so keep an eye out.

New Title For Slaying Red-Cloaked Horror

Plus, when you slay a beast, you’ll earn yourself a nifty new title.

Once you’ve accumulated enough Midwinter materials, return to Midwinter Square. Next to Gileon, there is a crafting bench that you can use to convert all the materials you just farmed into Midwinter Proofs. This will be the primary currency for the event.

By converting these materials into Proofs, you will improve your Tribute Tier with Midwinter. It also changes visually and gives you more rewards, such as Diablo 4 Gold, Armor, Gem Fragments, and Gileon’s Brew.

Gileon’s Brew Elixir

Gileon’s Brew is a special elixir that increases your Maximum Life, your Lucky Hit Chance, and experience gained by 15%. It can be purchased from Gileon or found in Midwinter Caches.

The best thing is that Gileon’s Brew works everywhere. Apart from that, all the rewards you can get through him will still be there after the event ends. So, we definitely recommended that you store as much of it as possible.

Diablo 4: Gileon’s Brew Elixir

Shard Of Dawn Aspect Offensive Aspect

Also, you can farm a Midwinter-specific Offensive Aspect called Shard of Dawn. This aspect will increase your attack speed and movement speed for 12 seconds.

If you’re empowered by Midwinter Ward, each enemy you kill will reduce the cooldown by one second. This makes it very easy to eliminate Blightfiends.

Diablo 4: Shard of Dawn Aspect Offensive Aspect

Play Strategy

So, what is the most efficient way to collect Midwinter Proofs? Any pro strategies for players who want to get them as quickly as possible?

My specific strategy revolves around planning my route. Since the vast majority of local events are themed around Midwinter creatures, a visit is never a waste.

As you know, you always make rapid progress by visiting a person. Therefore, we can plan the route in advance and use the speed of the mount to reach the location and complete the task quickly.

Also, stop by when you occasionally find a Frigid Husk or two, or a large batch of Blightfiends. It’s definitely a great opportunity for you to farm for loot.

To keep the event’s festive feel, you’ll also be rewarded with bells, which are transmog items that you can equip via Wardrobe menu. Most other rewards are cosmetic in nature.

You can use them to further advance the campaign and perform several other tasks in Diablo 4 Winter Event. That’s everything we know about Midwinter Blight in Diablo 4. But there are some secrets yet to be discovered in Midwinter Blight.


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