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Diablo 4 Season 2: Eight Of The Best Vampiric Powers For Rogue Build

Posted: Dec 09, 2023

If you are playing Diablo 4 Season 2 Rogue and you are wondering what are the best Vampiric Powers for Rogue Build, I will bring to you the 8 best Vampiric Powers for Rogues ranking from worst to best. These Vampiric Powers should work with any Rogue builds. Some are even better for specific builds, but I made sure this list could cover nearly all role-play styles. If you are interested in the Rogue build and have enough Diablo 4 Gold, then there are 8 Vampiric Powers that will be very useful to you.

Diablo 4 Season 2: Eight Of The Best Vampiric Powers For Rogue Build


We started with Resilience only require 2 Eternity. Resilience allows you to gain 1% damage reduction for each 2% life you are missing. I put this at the bottom of our list just because it’s good for survival, but once you reach higher Rogue levels, you may not find it as useful. The more your health decrease, the less damage you start to take. While it's good, there are better powers you could possess. However, it's fortunate to have for any Rogue builds.


Now we talk about Anticipation. If you are someone who doesn’t like using ultimate skills because they have long cooldowns, I mean the same bolt as you with Anticipation. Your ultimate skills gain 20% cooldown reduction. They also gain 12% increased damage for any nearby enemy effect by your damage overtime effects. It only requires one Divinity for such a useful Vampiric Power most Rogue builds include ultimate, so I can see this working for nearly all of them. Anticipation also works great alongside in movements with your ultimate to increase that damage over time.


Number six, we have Undying only requires one Eternity and Undying can heal you for 3% of your life after casting skills. This bonus doubles if you are below 50% life. Undying' compatibility with all skills makes it suitable for most builds. I will say either have Resilience or Undying. Since both affect your ability to stay alive on the battlefield, you rather just have one activate at the time to make room for other Vampiric Powers.


In the number five, we have Metamorphosis. Two Ferocity, Divinity, and Eternity are essential for mastering the significant Vampiric Power of Metamorphosis. By activating this, evading will turn you into a cloud of bats. This makes you unstoppable for 4 seconds. Also, enemies along your path take 106% physical damage and they are inflected with Vampiric Curse. Vampiric Curse is an additional effect in the Season of Blood that becomes important during combat. Rogues are good at evading during combat and since I do it a lot, I believe Metamorphosis is a fun and useful Vampiric Power.

Diablo 4 Metamorphosis


In the number four we have Moonrise, requiring six Ferocity. Moonrise is another major Vampiric Power. Hitting the enemy with a basic skill will grant you 4% attack speed for 10 seconds, stacking up to five times. Once you hit max stacks, a Vampiric BloodRage is triggered. You will gain 160% basic damage skill and 50% moving speed for 10 seconds. There is a lot to this Vampiric Power. As Rogue, you should gain abilities that allow you to move faster, so Moonrise works perfectly. It also makes it easy to increase your basic skill damage.

Accursed Touch

Now we jump for the top three of the Vampiric Powers. For Rogue the number three, we have a Accursed Touch. This major Vampiric Power requires six Divinity on the lucky hits. Accursed Touch will give you 44 chance to inflict Vampiric Curse on enemies. Enemies with this curse have 50% to spread it to other enemies. This power also deal 200% increased damage. Vampiric Curse is a fun new effect to play around with and this makes it easier to spread it across enemies. You can’t go wrong with this 200% increased damage either.

Diablo 4 Accursed Touch


The number two we have Ravenous. Although Ravenous is only a minor Vampiric Powers requiring three Ferocity, it’s still ranking higher because of the benefits for Rogues. On the lucky hit, you have up to 20% chance to increase your attack speed by 40% of your total movement speed for 6 seconds. Attack speed is important for Rogues. Allow you to deal with significant damage quickly. It will work with any Rogue build and it’s super low on the requirements.

Pray On The Weak

The winner and the best Vampiric Powers for Rogue is Prey on the Weak. Surprisingly, another minor Vampiric Power takes first place. Pray on the Weak really works for all Rogues builds as they can gain access to vulnerable effect easily. I will pair this one up with a Accursed Touch to inflict that Vampiric Cure stores even more enemies. It barely requires an impact and it must have for all Rogues. All these Vampiric Powers were tested in my Rogue build that I’m playing now and I saw a significant difference once I placed the top Vampiric Powers in my builds.


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