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Diablo 4: How To Destroy Butcher Without Ultimate? - Short Druid Guide

Posted: Jul 07, 2023

Posted: Jul 07, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Lately, many players have had a headache facing Butcher’s total dominance in Diablo 4. So I’m going to share with you here how I destroyed Butcher even without using Ultimate ability.

Why Not Use Ultimate Skill?

Now, let’s dive right into why I no longer need to use Ultimate skill. First, you need to pay attention to the description here. While Nature’s Fury remains passive to proc free abilities, you have a 30% chance to proc this. And that’s when your Non-Ultimate cooldowns are reduced.

We should note that a certain amount of time will correspondingly reduce the opposite type of Non-Ultimate cooldowns. Again, it depends on your level and damage output. So before you start to challenge Butcher, I highly recommend that you choose a Diablo 4 Boosting Service to help you upgrade quickly.

Diablo 4: How To Destroy Butcher Without Ultimate?

In my case, 12 seconds reduced my Non-Ultimate cooldowns time. This means that if I have Ultimate skill equipped in my skill bar, I cannot reduce the cooldown by activating Nature’s Fury.

Cataclysm & Cyclone Armor

If you’ve seen my previous guides, you’ll see that Ultimate skill I use is Cataclysm. Cataclysm is Druid’s Ultimate Storm skill with a 54 second cooldown. The alternative to Cataclysm is Cyclone Armor.

As you can see, Cyclone Armor only has a 16 second cooldown. You can also upgrade Cyclone Armor by investing more Diablo 4 Gold to reduce its cooldown again. But I chose it not only because of its shorter cooldown but also because I could cast Cyclone Armor about three times for every Cataclysm cast.

Diablo 4: Cataclysm

Now, this doesn’t have Nature’s Fury’s passive proc. If you add that to the equation, the number of times Cyclone Armor allows me to cast it for the same Cataclysm duration is insane. I don’t even know how many times I could reforge Cyclone Armor, but any number is good news. Because all we want in this build is to cast as many Tramples as possible.

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Synergy Of Multiple Skills

We need to always have Storm skill. Because it provides a simple replacement for my Ultimate skill, allowing me to use that Storm skill more often. Also, the more often I can cast my Storm skill, the more often I can cast Trample. I also have more chances to reduce the cooldown after using my Storm skills.

And whenever I cast my Earth skills, I reduce the cooldown of everything in the skill bar. So everything in my skill bar is synergy.

Nothing in it is dormant, everything is ready to pop up, allowing me to cast some type of ability. And that type of skill allows me to cast another type of skill, Earth skills and Storm skills. Multiple skills work synergistically, and even without using Ultimate skill, defeating Butcher is not a problem.

Diablo 4: Druid Skills and Talent Tree

What I’m trying to achieve with this is a super easy guide. You can just copy it and go into a dungeon or open world and have a lot of fun. This is just to show you that Druid is strong enough to destroy Butcher easily without even using Ultimate skill.

You can also try this Druid build, and if you find it interesting, don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences. That’s it. I hope this guide helps you.


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