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Diablo 4: 6 Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Getting To Level 100 Fast! - Getting Ready For Season 1

Posted: Jul 08, 2023

Posted: Jul 08, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Recently, I upgraded my first Diablo 4 character to level 100. But after tweaking the experience rewards in a recent patch, the process doesn’t feel like a long one.

As my first character in Diablo 4, I realized I could do better to level up faster. So I want to share what I’ve learned to help you avoid mistakes during the upgrade process. And off to a great start in the upcoming Season 1.

Diablo 4: 6 Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Getting To Level 100 Fast

Mistake 1 - Don’t Salvage The Gears

Mistake 1: Don’t salvage the gears. Because you’ll definitely need to salvage some items to get key crafting materials, you’ll need along the way. Sacred gears drop under Nightmare difficulty. You’ll definitely need to salvage non-legendary items for crafting materials. Ancestral items drop in Torment difficulty, so you can salvage them early.

But you can also sell them later for Diablo 4 Gold. As you progress, you’ll also harvest more legendary items that drop.

Diablo 4: When Should You Sell or Salvage Gear & Items?

Mistake 2 - Starting World Tier 4: Torment Too Late

Mistake 2: Starting World Tier 4: Torment too late. Although Diablo 4 developers said that Torment difficulty is suitable for players above level 70. But you don’t have to wait until level 70 to start. Because the sooner you get to World Tier 4, the more XP you can earn and better item drops.

I did Fallen Temple Dungeon fight at level 64. You can start fighting at level 60. At that point you can use some Ancestral items. Such as Weak Iron Barb Elixir, which increases your armor by 300. This is very helpful in combat.

I also tried adding more Fire Resistance. But then I learned that resistance is not so important now. Instead, you need to add various Damage Reductions on the gear. With these tips, you should be able to kill Fallen Temple Boss without any problem.

Diablo 4: How To Unlock World Tier 4 Torment?

Mistake 3 - Don’t Do The Events

Mistake 3: Not taking part in any XP-gaining events or crafting material events. Examples include Helltides, World Boss Fights and Legion Events. Legion Events can give you really nice XP. Helltide Events will provide you with the necessary crafting materials, like Forgotten Souls. These events are the best ways to help you quickly increase XP in a short time.

Diablo 4: Zone Event Guide

Mistake 4 - Altars Of Lilith Not Collected

Mistake 4: Forgetting to collect all Altars of Lilith. Altars of Lilith will increase your various attributes, such as Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. Once you collect them, all attributes will transfer to your new character and the new Season.

So you’d better do it immediately, two weeks before Season 1 starts. Here are the specific locations of all Altars of Lilith I summarized. You can mark your collected Diablo 4 Items against the map and see exactly which items you still need to collect.

I know this might sound daunting at first. But if you go clockwise or counterclockwise along this map. You can easily clear an area in 20 to 30 minutes, and it’s definitely worth it.

Diablo 4: Find Every Altar of Lilith Location and Map

Mistake 5 - Fear Of Paragon Board Or Skills

Mistake 5: Afraid of making mistakes in choosing Paragon Board or Skills. The whole Paragon Board reset at higher levels cost me about 2 million Diablo 4 Gold. This ensures that your damage hits have a much lower miss rate.

In my run of 100 Nightmare Dungeons, most bosses or elites died after one or two quick-fire attacks. So don’t worry if you make any mistakes in the selection of Paragon Board or Skills. You just apply them according to your needs.

Diablo 4: Paragon Board Guide - Tips And Tricks

Mistake 6 - Wrong Way To Play The Combat

That last mistake, Diablo 4’s buggy gameplay certainly offers a new combat mechanic to explore. For example, I’m using Condemnation Unique Dagger. The way it works is by gaining 3 Combo Points to benefit from the huge buff to the initial core skill damage.

I’ve been pushing buttons for basic skills and core skills. I’m not even sure I’m getting the benefit. So I often run into energy issues and it turns out I’m playing the game wrong.

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For this, I came up with a better way, which is to use the basic Puncture skill here to get 3 Combo Points first. Then use the core skills to hit the maximum damage output. After all the 3 Combo Points are played, you need to pay attention to Combo Points and use the core skills. This way my damage output is up, and I’ve never had any energy issues.

So taking some time to test or observe how your build should play out in combat can make leveling more efficient. Hopefully, you know these mistakes to avoid and learn tips for leveling up faster. Happy hunting gear, ready for Season 1.


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