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Diablo 4 Season Of The Malignant Is Coming! - Start Time, New Items, Battle Pass & More

Posted: Jul 07, 2023

The first season of Diablo 4 will be coming out on July 20th Season 1 will be the Season of the Malignant.

New NPC Corman & Malignant Threat

There’s a new threat that has emerged the Sanctuary, which it’s basically a corruption that spread into the hearts of the creatures in the world.

Once you've completed the campaign, you'll immediately meet Corman, a new NPC you've never seen before. He takes it upon himself to start diving deeper into the Malignant threat. But he needs your help. He’ll gain access to this new seasonal story right at level 1 in Kyovashad.

Diablo 4 Season Of The Malignant Is Coming! - Start Time, New Items, Battle Pass & More

New Enemies

There’s going to be a new story to follow, new challenges, and new powers to play your character differently than previously.

The Malignant creatures will show up throughout the entire world. Any Elite monster has the potential to become a Malignant version of that monster at any moment, which will have growths on it and some additional powers.

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New Items

After you kill that monster, a Malignant Heart will appear. If you interact with that heart using the Cage of Binding, it will start a ritual, which will create a new powerful version of that Elite. If you are able to kill the more powerful version, it will drop a Caged Heart, which is a Diablo 4 Item that you can sock into your gear. These are better than gems because they have an enormous amount of power.

There will be 32 new Malignant Powers. These hearts will be associated with the color and you’ll need to match the color with the socket on your jewelry. There’s four different heart types and one of them will be able to sock it into any color. You’ll want to fight higher level of versions of these infested monsters and higher World Tiers to get the better versions of these hearts.

Don’t worry though, you can salvage old hearts to receive materials, which allows you to craft new items called Invokers.

You can use these Invokers and Malignant Tunnels, which will be spread out throughout the open world. In these tunnels, you’ll have a higher chance of finding the Malignant monsters inside. You can also target farm a specific heart type at the Invoke the Malignant Heart Event.

Diablo 4 Season Of The Malignant Season Features

Diablo 4 Season 1 Start Time

This patch will be available on July 18th and be live on the 20th. You’ll need to log on to your character, that has the most renowned progress done. So, it can carry over to all of your other characters. You can do this before the 20th or after on the 18th.

Quick To-Do List Before Season 1

You will have access to the new aspects of power, legendaries, and unique items in the internal realm. So, here’s the quick to-do list before Season 1 is live.

  • Finish the campaign
  • Clear the Fog of War
  • Collect all of the Statues of Lilith (because this renowned progress will be carrying over into Season 1)

Battle Pass

Now, let’s talk about the Battle Pass first.

There’s a free version, and a paid version of this Battle Pass. The paid version will only give you extra cosmetics in the game and nothing else.

Diablo 4 Season Of The Malignant Battle Pass

Everyone will have access to the Season Journey, which will have a total of seven chapters. Each chapter will have a number of objectives to be cleared. Completing these objectives will give you Greater Favors, which are used to progress your Battle Pass.

You’ll also receive item rewards and new legendary aspects that you can’t normally get from the Codex of Power.

Part of the 27 free tiers, you’ll collect Smoldering Ashes based on the level you are in the game. This will be used in the Seasonal Blessing System. There’s boost XP from monster kills, extra Diablo 4 Gold earned from vendor sales, bigger chances for rare material salvage, boosts duration to Elixirs and you can boost the chance of powerful Malignant Heart drops.

I’ll be going after XP earned for monster kills, extra gold earned from vendor sales, and boosts the chance of powerful Malignant Heart drops.

These are all the things you can look forward to when you dive into Season of the Malignant. I’m really excited about Season 1 and I hope to see you running around the open world.


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