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Diablo 4: How To Build Shock Sorcerer Arc Lash? - Skills And Passives

Posted: Jun 20, 2023

Guide Assumptions: This guide assumes you have reached level 50 and have gained the 10 additional Skill Points. If you have not, you can seek Diablo 4 Boosting. The construction here is a complete Endgame version, which is not difficult for players, and it is worth a try.


This build uses Arc Lash as its main source of damage, while also generating additional Crackling Energy. So, we often use Lightning Spears, Ball Lightning, Chain Lightning and Charged Bolts.

In Defense and Survival, we will use Teleport and Ice Armor to protect us. The advantage of Teleport is that it increases the efficiency of Crackling Energy, so that it can hit more targets.

Diablo 4 Sorceress Arc Lash Build

Skills and Passive Crashes

Here, we'll discuss each of the Skills we used, as well as Passives, that contribute to a good build.


Next we go over the main abilities of the builds, where we also explain the purpose of each ability and how they apply to our builds.

  • Arc Lash

Arc Lash has three reasons, solid AoE, constant stun and a decent chance of lucky hits, which work really well. Then it helps speed up the cooldown of the ability, we're going to upgrade it to Glinting Arc Lash.

  • Chain Lightning

When we use Chain Lightning, every time we release a skill, we may get Crackling Energy, which is very useful when attacking enemies. So we will upgrade it to Destructive Chain Lightning.

  • Teleport

Teleport is the movement option we need to use in the game. When we use this skill, it can increase the possibility of Crackling Energy generation. So we will upgrade it to Mystical Teleport.

  • Ice Armor

Ice Armor is a barrier that protects us from damage and is essential in combat. So we will upgrade it to Shimmering Ice Armor, which can increase the perfect recovery speed and have a defensive effect.

  • Lightning Spear

The main function of Lightning Spear is to create a stun, which can increase our damage to the enemy. So we will upgrade it to Invoked Lightning Spear, which can increase the chance of causing stun.

  • Unstable Currents

Unstable Currents is an ultimate that doesn't deal direct damage to enemies, but is also vital for builds. So we will upgrade it to Supreme Unstable Currents and get a lot of extra benefits.

Arc Lash Diablo 4


Here we only discuss the main passives that you want to know, that is, Key passive.

  • Overflowing Energy

Overflowing Energy has the effect of quickly reducing the cooldown of skills, including Teleport, Lightning Spear and Unstable Currents. With Overflowing Energy, Crackling Energy will also become more powerful.

  • Glass Cannon

We will be protected by various barriers, our mobility with Teleport and our Stuns become free damage for us.

  • Precision Magic

Precision Magic relies on Lucky Hit triggers to increase the likelihood of them happening.

  • Protection

We need to use Align the Elements to achieve Protection, which is also the best defensive passive. We're able to have high uptime on this free barrier through frequent cooldowns.

  • Static Discharge

If our skills are not enough, then Static Discharge may make our Critical Strike generate more Crackling Energy, which also means that the corresponding cooling time is shorter and the mana value is higher.

  • Course Currents

During the battle, Cousing Currents is equivalent to Critical Strikes. When we use many skills, we will use Coursing Currents to stun the enemy. It can also generate Crackling Energy.

  • Invigorating Conduit

Invigorating Conduit gives us a lot of extra mana by generating Crackling Energy, The more mana we have, it'll be to sustain our Crackling Energy is simpler.

  • Convulsions

Convulsions help keep us at a safe distance from enemies, allow all of our Shock Skills to stun enemies, and also help trigger Shocking Impact or Glinting Arc Lash.

In Diablo 4, if you are familiar with the above guidelines, you will surely be able to successfully build your own powerful character.


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