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Diablo 4: How To Beat Butcher? - Butcher's Ultimate Weakness - Two Key Points

Posted: Jun 20, 2023

Posted: Jun 20, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Butcher is the first boss in Diablo 4 and it is an iconic monster. One of the most feared bosses, it's hard to beat, and hard to find in Diablo 4. But recently a clever Diablo 4 player seems to have discovered Butcher's weakness and can defeat Butcher in seconds without taking damage.

The Butcher Diablo 4

This immediately aroused the curiosity of many players. If you are also a Diablo 4 player who has both luck and skill, you can also try this method and find Butcher's "Ultimate Weakness", because it is really difficult to defeat Butcher.


Butcher Boss is one of the deadliest bosses in Diablo 4, and a secret boss in Diablo 4 that randomly appears in any dungeon you walk into. At this time, if your level is not high enough or you do not have sufficient defense, it is basically impossible for you to survive. So most players choose to run away when they meet Butcher, because they want to continue the game.

But other players have a more competitive mind, and they want to defeat this huge Butcher Boss so they can get the many Rare Items it drops. For these people, they discover Butcher's "Ultimate Weakness" is crucial.

Butcher's "Ultimate Weakness" Discovered

A Diablo 4 player named Atay47 posted a video of an encounter with Butcher on Reddit. This video quickly became popular because Butcher Boss in the video was helpless against the player's attack.

In the video, a Frost Sorcerer build deftly dodges all of Butcher's attacks, then quickly climbs up a nearby ladder to a relatively safe platform. On the platform, Sorcerer throws ice cubes at the boss, which catches Butcher off guard. We can find that in the face of the player's attack, the 82-level Butcher can only choose to stand still, helpless. Because the shards rip potions out of its body, Butcher's health dropped rapidly, and soon Butcher fell to the ground and died, leaving behind a lot of valuable weapons, equipment and Diablo 4 Gold. The player returned with a full load. The video quickly went viral online.

Diablo 4 the butcher

Key Points For Cleverly Attacking Butcher

By watching the videos, you may feel that these skills seem effortless, and you can master them in no time. But this is not the case. If you want to complete this action, you must have two important elements:

  • When Butcher appears, you need to attack it from a distance, and you need to be equipped with an attack that can cause a lot of damage, otherwise you will be killed by Butcher very quickly. So when choosing a career, Sorcerer and Rogue will be more applicable than Barbarian;
  • There must be a safe platform around you to attack Butcher, even a cliff, so that you can protect your own safety when attacking. So there is an element of luck in the whole process, because Butcher is randomly generated in the dungeon. When it appears, you can only use your advantages to defeat it. There will not always be platforms or cliffs around.

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This video is not the only video of Butcher being defeated. Some Diablo 4 players even left comments on Butcher on the Internet, thinking that Butcher is not as scary as imagined, nor is it so difficult to defeat. Of course, there may be some Unfixed bugs, and Blizzard has paid enough attention to this, I believe that in the near future, Butcher will once again become the vicious demon king.


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