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Diablo 4: Treasure Goblins Are Missing Diablo 3's Iconic Traits

Posted: Jun 20, 2023

Posted: Jun 20, 2023

Source:  IGGM

After the release of Diablo 4, many players will compare it with the previous Diablo 3. In many places, the gaming experience of Diablo 4 will be better than that of Diablo 3, but there are also some parts that are a bit bleak compared with before, such as Treasure Goblins.

What are Treasure Goblins?

Treasure Goblins are random, and when we kill them, we will get some valuable treasure chests, from here we can get some valuable items, such as Legendary Items and Diablo 4 Gold. But we can't catch them easily because they run very fast and won't fight with us.

Treasure Goblin in Diablo 4

If we have Treasure Goblins around us, we'll see them on the mini-map, they have an icon very much like a Goblin carrying a sack, and when they appear next to us, we can see them on our regular map.


In Diablo 3, Treasure Goblins gave players a very good impression of the game, and it is also the best time in Diablo game series. So before the release of Diablo 4, many players had very high expectations. When Diablo 4 was released, it was rather disappointing. Although the release of Diablo 4 broke Blizzard's records, in many ways players still felt that it lacked polish and did not meet expectations.

Goblin diablo 4

Blizzard's Response

Gem bags, attributes, level scaling, build variety, and user interface are all major issues reported by players, waiting for developers to solve them. Faced with the above feedback, at the first Campfire Chat on June 16, Blizzard responded by being open to suggestions and announcing a list of fan-requested changes that would be tweaked ahead of Season 2's release.

Diablo 4 subreddit

As time went on and the list of suggestions from fans grew, it became apparent that many of the issues were related to Treasure Goblins. While they are significantly rarer compared to Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4, players report that they are generally not worth killing, according to player feedback.

Silent Chests have a similar problem. In Diablo 4, the majority of players were disappointed because players were willing to use Murmuring Obols for targeting specific item slots instead of buying Whispering Keys.

However, in Diablo 3, players are very happy to meet Treasure Goblins, which is an easy problem to solve in Diablo 3. Players usually grab them before they know they're there, but that signature laugh seems to be missing in Diablo 4. This topic was brought up by baochi810 on the subreddit, and many players have commented on the post, and everyone seems to agree with this point of view. Players expressed disappointment at this point in Diablo 4, hoping to return to the same as the previous Diablo 3 games.

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In Diablo 3, the reason why many players are more memorable is not only their iconic laughter, but also a possible reason is the lack of diversity of Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4. There is only one type of Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4. Although players will still drop some valuable items after defeating it, the experience for players is not very good, just like opening a treasure chest. So players felt that in Diablo 3 we would be pleasantly surprised to meet Treasure Goblins, but in Diablo 4 they were more ordinary and lacked personality.

Finally, Blizzard has also made further adjustments to the fans' suggestions. Blizzard has spent a lot of thought on how to deal with the Treasure Goblins in Diablo 3, so the fans' suggestions for Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4 are likely to become a reality. I believe that as far as the current development situation is concerned, improving Treasure Goblins is a trivial matter for Devs.


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