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Diablo 4: Five Different Vendors You Should Know - Alchemist, Blacksmith, Purveyor Of Curiosities, Jeweler & Occultist

Posted: Jun 28, 2023

Here, we’ll be talking about vendors. These are non-playable characters that are found in the main cities and sometimes in other encampments or safe areas in Sanctuary.

Diablo 4: Five Different Vendors You Should Know - Alchemist, Blacksmith, Purveyor Of Curiosities, Jeweler & Occultist


We have the Alchemist, who can upgrade your Potions and let you craft Elixirs, depending on your character’s level and from the herbs that you have been collecting throughout the game.

Elixirs give your character bonuses. For example, poison resistance, attack speed increase, or increasing armor, and Thorns by a set value. They also give you a 5% experience boost, making it so you’ll always want to be drinking an Elixir even if you don’t really think you need the benefits.

That 5% increase will help you level up faster. They last for 30 minutes. Only one can be activated at a time. And they don’t expire if your character dies.

Diablo 4 Alchemist


Once you reach level 10, the Blacksmith allows you to salvage, repair, and upgrade items.

Salvaging destroys items but gives you crafting items to help upgrade your better Diablo 4 Items for your character. On PC, you can press spacebar over an item on your inventory to junk it, which then allows for quicker salvaging once you reach the Blacksmith.

Whenever taking damage, there’s a chance that the durability will go down for that piece of equipment. You also lose 10% of durability each time you die in Diablo 4, making the repair tool from the Blacksmith a vital tool as well.

Lastly, with the Blacksmith, we can upgrade items from crafting materials, either found throughout Sanctuary or from salvaging our junk items.

Diablo 4 Blacksmith

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Purveyor Of Curiosities

Gambling has always been a mechanic in the Diablo games, and Diablo 4 is no different with having the Purveyor of Curiosities.

Here, we can use Obols as a way to attempt to receive powerful rare and legendary items. The items received here scale with your character’s level. So, there’s no risk of getting an item that is way under leveled or over leveled.

Whispering Keys can also be purchased here, which allows you to open Silent Chests scattered throughout the world.

Diablo 4 Purveyor Of Curiosities


Once at level 20, we will be able to visit the Jeweler. Here, we can craft, upgrade, socket, and unsocket gems from our equipment.

Gems have different effects based on the type of gem, the quality of gem, and what equipment the gem is placed in. There are seven different types of gems and five different qualities of each gem. The higher the quality, the better the bonus for that gem.

Crafting a gem requires Diablo 4 Gold and three of the same type and quality to create one of the same type with a higher quality. So, three Crude Topazes will create one Chipped Topaz as well as three Chipped Topazes creating one regular Topaz. Upgrading jewelry is similar to upgrading weapons and armor at the Blacksmith. Here we use crafting resources to create higher tier amulets and rings.

Diablo 4 Jeweler


Lastly, the Occultists will allow us to re-roll a stat on equipment and imprint or extract aspects on equipment.

When you find an aspect on a legendary item that you don’t see yourself using, we can extract that aspect to destroy the item but be able to imprint the aspect on another item.

Once an aspect has been imprinted onto a rare or legendary item, that aspect cannot be extracted and the imprinted item cannot be traded. We can also enchant items to get rid of and re-roll an undesirable stat.

Diablo 4 Occultist

Once a stat has been re-rolled, only that stat can be changed in the future and the item can no longer be traded. Sigils are another feature of Occultist.

The Occultists will be a very helpful and necessary merchant for when we get further into the game on higher difficulties.


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