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Diablo 4: Level 50 In 40 Minutes! Fast XP With A Simple Trick

Posted: Jun 27, 2023

We just leveled a new Character from 1 to 50 in 40 minutes. Let me present you three methods, the story way, the grind way and the power Boost.

Diablo 4

The Story Way

Let's begin with a story, a standard way. The best way to level up like this, is gonna be finish the main campaign. Sounds pretty trivial but it's actually that, you're just going to do the main I know there's diversions. You want to look left but you want to look right, but you're not going to do that until Act four.

At the beginning of Diablo 4 Act 4 you have the mound and there will be a quest called "Donan's Favor". And with the mound you're then going to be able to do more, so you can start discovering statues of Lilith right to certain Dungeons, that you need for your Aspects, All of these will increase your reputation, by the time you reach level 50, each region has at least 3 reputations, to get all the bonus skill points.

Diablo 4 Donan's Favor

If you want to reach level 50 in due time, you won't be level 5 prestige, it's not feasible. You want five prestige at the end of the day, in fact you can have Ancestral item drop and other Diablo 4 Items there first. In the long run, this will be more effective for your overall upgrade and itemization aspects.

The Grind Way

If you want to be a bit quicker and take it a step further that's what I did with my Hardcore character. Instead of following the story, I jumped from Lilith statue to Dungeon. The position of every Lilith statue in detail, which is basically how I level up my Character incredibly fast.

Diablo 4 Lilith statue

The upside is that you just gained a ton of reputation, so you'll start with a Java shot, or however you pronounce it, from a statue to a Dungeon, to your reputation stage 3, then straight to the next area and do the same there. Until you have every single region covered, and boom you're gonna be level 50.

This approach won't work for your first Character, but it will work better for your second. Because as you skip the campaign you have the mound, with Grim favors and you have everything going on.

Lvl 50 In 40 Minutes

Now let's jump to the true crazy 1 to 50 Subaru Boost. That is a little tricky, because you will need one friend, and we made a deal, both me and the boys were having 76 plus care discs. So each of us helps the other one to just get a 50 Characters under an hour super quick. This method works perfect for second characters, you make a new one and you skip the campaign.

What you straight up do is, you enter together Capstone Dungeon in World tier 2. You'll be stuck at the beginning, your friends will just take a few seconds to get through, and you've got the first 10 or 11 levels. Actually, you don't need to move a centimeter, just stand there while entertaining your friend while he's helping you.

Diablo 4 Capstone Dungeon

Second step swap to World tier 3, and your friend enters Capstone Dungeon there as well. You teleport to him and stand at the starting point again until he beats Eli on the cheek like a war drum. Again don't move you're only gonna make it more complicated for your friend, and if there's any Legendaries dropping, you can pick them up from your chest later on, because that's where Legendaries are being deposited. That gives you a few other levels.

Now, for the final step, we're going to World tier 4, and the whole reason we're doing it is, World Air Force 200 rewards XP to make everything go faster. Now you might have heard about that one spot where everyone goes for grinding it's called Champions Demise, and is actually really funny because you can do this, non-hardcore for insane amounts of XP. Now you make your friend go to Champ Demise again, teleport to him, and it's wiped out, and you'll see your levels skyrocket like there's no tomorrow.

The last step takes X runs, and drinking Potions actually helps, so just go to the Alchemist and make some for yourself for a 5% XP bonus.

Diablo 4 Potions

Interestingly enough it's helpful if you have another low level friend just standing next to you. Because you'll get the constant five percent XP Boost, if he's just sitting next to you.


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