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Animal Crossing Villagers: Is Raymond More Popular Than Marshal?

Posted: Nov 17, 2020

As one of the most popular games, Animal Crossing New Horizons has sold more than 26 million copies. One of the most attractive is that you can invite villagers to move to your island, and you can interact with them, such as giving them gifts, taking care of them when they are sick, and more.

There are nearly 400 villagers in the game for you to choose from. Everyone's favorite villagers are different, but there are some villagers who have been hyped up, so do you like them?


Raymond is a gray cat with heterochromatic eyes. His smug personality makes him an important figure on the island, because smug villagers are easy to get on well with others. Since he is one of the 8 new villagers in New Horizons, he does not have Amiibo yet, which means he is more difficult to obtain than other villagers.

Despite its hype, many players still expressed they don't interested in Raymond.


Judy is a colorful bear with shiny eyes. She likes music, so if she is a resident of your island, you can often see her singing. Many players like her because she is very suitable for pastel or fairly core islands. But many players dislike her because of her snooty personality. Since she does not have an Amiibo, she is also difficult to find.


He is a white squirrel with pink cheeks and eyes that make people misunderstand he is angry. His smug personality allows him to get along well with other villagers. Another reason for his popularity is that although he always looks scowling (his frowning mouth), his dialogue is very polite and sometimes he flirts obviously, which is cute.

In any case, for me, Marshal is always the NO.1.


She is a peppy wolf, and her bright colors are suitable for any island.

She was named after the 87-year-old Animal Crossing fan. This grandma played 3,500 hours in the game, so the game created a villager with her name as a reward to the fans!


He is a lazy dog and has nothing to do with cute, but he is still popular with players. He is weird and attractive with his whole body wrapped in bandages. His friendly personality is also one of the reasons for the popularity. On Halloween night, he is more suitable to appear on your island.

If you want them to be residents on your island, but you have not found them yet, you can directly buy the villagers you like on IGGM.

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OMG! If this discount continues, we will not go broke, will we?


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