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Animal Crossing: Biden's Island Is Now Available! You Can Have A Visit

Posted: Oct 17, 2020

The date of the US presidential election is getting closer. Because of the global pandemic, the campaign team of Democratic candidate Joe Biden has launched a new virtual office in Animal Crossing New Horizons for players to visit.

His team stated that they wanted to maintain close contact with voters across the country, so they launched the Biden headquarters in ACNH, which allowed Biden supporters on the entire platform to further contact the campaign.

The Animal Crossing island in Biden is named Biden HQ. It is an island that has been carefully designed. Once you reach the square, you can see the "Team Joe" logo on the banner of the town hall, and the streets and intersections on the island are covered with campaign flyers. There are ice cream stalls, model trains, aviators, chucks and swag on the island, which looks like a Biden-themed amusement park.

The entire island contains two main areas. The first is Biden's "house", but its prototype is not Biden's Wilmington, Delaware house! They designed the house as a field office. When you walk into the office, you will see a table full of coffee and laptops, and boxes of flyers are stacked in every corner of the office.

One of the rooms is decorated as a merch store, and the other room displays many model trains, representing Biden's favorite transportation. There are also two offices upstairs, belonging to Biden and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris. And you can even see pictures of Young Biden.

The second area is a poll booth. When you walk into this area, you will see a large number of advertisements on the "I Will Vote" website and provide information to people who visit online.

Biden will also walk on the island, and players can also take virtual selfies with him. If you want to talk to him, he will reply to you "No malarkey".

If you want to visit the Biden HQ, you need to lie in bed and sleep, and then you will receive Luna's prompt, enter a dream code: DA-7286-5710-7478, and you can visit Biden HQ!

IGGM will continue to pay attention to the latest news of Animal Crossing, and maybe it will cooperate with Biden in the future.

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