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ACNH Turkey Day: DIY Crafting Recipes And Items

Posted: Nov 26, 2020

Turkey Day will be launched tomorrow, so you can celebrate in the game. There are new DIYs here, each with a unique recipe. So you need to find as many recipes as to craft them.

Turkey Day DIYs

Wheat decor

Table setting



Garden stand




Each recipe can be unlocked by completing the Turkey Day cooking event. Therefore, you need to actively participate in it. We have made a specific list for you, which will help you make it quickly.


This small flower pot has an orange lid, which is very cute.

5 Iron nuggets

1 piece of clay


It is a simple curved wooden chair and lattice upholstered seat.

5 pieces of standard wood

2 pieces of hardwood

2 pieces of softwood


They are some orange and yellow balloons, a bottle filled with wheat, two candles, and a framed pumpkin card, which can be placed on a table mat or on the floor.

2 pieces of softwood

2 pieces of clay

5 clumps pf weeds

Garden Stand

This is a simple stucco or clay planting pot, if you prefer a simple style, you can choose to craft it.

8 stones

3 pieces of clay


A very classic brick stucco fireplace with some small leaves dotted on the top.

1 campfire

10 pieces of clay

30 stones


It is not just an ordinary square dining table, it also has a runner in the middle.

10 pieces of hardwood

5 pieces of softwood

Table setting

It is a tablecloth with orange and yellow silverware and flower plates on it, so Turkey Day color!

4 pieces of clay

2 iron nuggets

Wheat Decor

It is a red bow, which ties a sheaf of wheat together.

10 clumps of weed

In addition to these DIYs on Turkey Day, you can also unlock 4 items, and you don't need to learn how to craft them, they are:


Turkey Day Flooring

Turkey Day Walls

Turkey Day rug

As the event is about to begin, I bet these are exactly what you need. You can collect as many items as you need according to the recipes, so that you can successfully craft the furniture you want! For more news and guides about ACNH, you can pay more attention to IGGM, cause we update news every day. There's always something you like.

As for ACNH Bells, you can also come to IGGM to buy them. And the Black Friday event is ongoing, if you come to IGGM to buy ACNH Bells now, you can enjoy 8% off. It's going time!


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