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ACNH Can Be Said One Of The Most Successful Games In 2020

Posted: Nov 28, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons currently sells more than 6 million sets in Japan. It is not difficult to see that this game is so popular.

It provides players with a peaceful island where you can spend a quiet time. It proves that the game can really bring comfort to people. Research has found that there is a positive correlation between playing game and happiness, which means that people who play games for a long time will not experience negative emotions, so I guess this is exactly what you need, because in 2020, everyone should have been under more pressure than before.

Especially in this hard 2020, you can't travel and even work at home, ACNH will create a peaceful atmosphere for you. You can stay with the animal villagers on your island and spend leisurely time.

Open-ended gameplay is a major feature of ACNH. If you like to create and design, then you should definitely try this game. In the game, you can create your own island according to your wishes. As the number of players increases, more and more players are willing to post their masterpieces on social media, which resonates with many ACNH fans. ACNH was once so popular that Biden used it to ask people to vote!

And regular updates keep the game fresh for players. Although it is so popular, players still have new needs. Developers will try to listen to players' opinions and make their dreams come true. The recent update has fulfilled the player's desire to sit on the ground, which is awesome.

Now it's Black Friday, this is a good opportunity to become an ACNH player, and the discount event on IGGM is underway.

Buy ACNH Bells now, you can immediately enjoy a 60% discount, don't miss it.


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