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ACNH: How To Get The Handheld Lantern?

Posted: Nov 04, 2021

ACNH keeps introducing seasonal items, one of which is the handheld lantern. This new item has 6 different designs, which can be changed in the DIY workbench with a customization kit. Handheld lanterns are only available for a limited time, so if you are interested, you should act quickly before they become unavailable.

This lantern is a seasonal item for celebrating Saint Martin’s Day. Saint Martin’s Day is a festival to celebrate the Funeral Day of Saint Martin of Tours. There are geese on the lantern because it is the preferred food of choice at the celebration feast.

Saint Martin’s Day celebration is held on November 11th every year, so, to coincide with the festival, the ACNH Items are available from November 1st to November 11th.

You can find a lantern design every day in the ACNH Nook shopping section of the Nook shop. You can see the small green and white terminal on the right inside the Town Hall. Handheld lanterns are medium-sized items, you can carry and illuminate a small area, you can customize them or buy them.

How to get Handheld Lanterns?

These lanterns are worth 1100 ACNH Bells each, and only 5 can be purchased per day. After purchasing a handheld lantern, you need to wait a day to receive it. Although they can only be used for a limited time, if you want to hoard them, you can use time travel. Buy lanterns, skip the next day, then go back to the previous day and buy more.

* Star Design - black background with yellow stars

* Moon Design - black background with yellow crescent moons

* Stained Glass Design - multi-colored shapes with black borders

* Sun Design - white background with orange and yellow suns

* Goose Design - white background with several geese around it

* Leaf Design - white background with green and orange leaves

By the way, the handheld lanterns are also available on IGGM, you can find almost any in-game items here, including villagers. So if you have any favorite items, you can come to IGGM to check and purchase.


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