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ACNH: A New Villager Called Shino Will Come

Posted: Oct 30, 2021

The final free update of ACNH will bring a lot of new content, and there will be a lot of beloved NPCs, including Brewster and his cafe, as well as the reliable seafarer Kapp’n. In addition, new villagers will come, Shino is one of them.

Although the villagers in ACNH all have their own uniqueness, Shino seems to be able to stand out from the crowd. Now many fans have expressed their expectations for Shino's arrival on social media.

Shino is so popular because of her unique traits and a cute aesthetic. In addition, she also played a big role in ACNH. IGGM will list some detailed information about her so that you can get to know her better.

Shino’s Traits

Shino is a deer villager. She has red horns, small eyebrows, and elaborate eye makeup that makes her look like a Noh theater mask for a demon character. She is also the first villager to wear Morning-Glory Yukata clothing, which makes it look more unique.

In addition to her physical aesthetics, Shino's personality is also attractive. She is the first peppy deer villager to be introduced to ACNH, adding an interesting new combination of features for peppy villagers or deer villagers. She is mysterious, but once you talk to her, she becomes very friendly and talkative.

Her birthday is October 31, which is the same day as Halloween, so this is a perfect way to recognize her mysterious atmosphere and true spunky personality.

Final Villagers

If you want to bring Shino to your island, then this will not be difficult, because all villagers who join the final update will get Amiibo cards that you can buy. Once you have the villager's card, just scan the card with Switch and you can invite them to your island. Or, you can come to IGGM to buy villagers you like. This seems to be much faster than waiting for Shino to appear in the old way.

Once the 2.0 update arrives, IGGM will provide all new ACNH items in the game in time, as long as you need them, we are happy to provide you with services at any time.


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