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ACNH Guide: How To Increase Friendship?

Posted: Apr 24, 2021

In ACNH, you need to establish friendship with the villagers to ensure that they are willing to stay on your island. So this article will provide some suggestions on building up friendships.

Any villager on the island will start with 25 points, and you will be able to decide how many points they get or lose. Every villager has 3 friendship tiers. When you pass 6 levels, you will get new interactions.

Friendship tiers

New Friends Tier: Level 1 - your points go past 29

Level 2 - 30-59 points

Good Friends Tier: Level 3 - 60 points

Level 4 - 100-149 points

Best Friends Tier: Level 5 - 150-199 points

Level 6 - 200 points

How to increase friendship levels?

In addition to chatting with your villagers, there are other ways to accumulate points and improve friendship.

Give them gifts

Different gifts will earn you different points. Note that you can only give one gift per day.

* All Furniture - 3 Points

* Flowers, Bugs, Fish, Umbrella, Watering Can, Fishing Rod - 2 Points

* Preferred Clothing or Favorite Music - 2 Points

* None-Preferred Clothing - 1 Point

* All Other Items (Except Garbage and Spoiled Turnips) - 1 Point

There are also some birthday gifts that have slightly different functions. They are divided into different tiers, and you can get more points according to your tier.

Tier one - 3 points

* A Bug, Fish, Fossil, or Seashell Worth Up To 500 Bells

* Any Other Item Worth Up To 125 Bells

Tier Two - 4 Points

* A Bug, Fish, Fossil, or Seashell Worth 501 to 1999 Bells

* Any Other Item Worth 126 to 499 Bells

Tier Three - 5 Points

* Items or Clothing They Already Own Or Clothing You Are Wearing

* Turnips, Fruits, Cake Or Mushrooms

* A Bug, Fish, Fossil, or Seashell Worth 2000 Bells or More

* Any Other Item Worth 500 Bells or More

Complete Quests

Sickness quests

Just take medicine to visit a villager who is unwell.

Treasure hunt

The time to find treasures is limited. Finding loot within 3 minutes is a difficult challenge, and 6 minutes is a simple challenge, but a difficult challenge can bring you bonus points. If you fail to find the item within the specified time, you should not give up, because in the end, if you bring the item to the person who set the task, and you can still get a friendship point.

Interact with villagers

* Talking To A Villager Each Day (First Conversation Only) - 1 point

* Selling An Item To A Villager Based On Your Conversation - 1 Point

* Catching A Villager’s Fleas - 5 Points

In addition, doing the following things will cause you to lose points, if you want a villager to leave your island, you can do these:

* Pushing A Villager - 3 Points deducted

* Hitting A Villager With A Net - 3 Points deducted

* Gifting A Villager Garbage or Spoiled Turnips - 2 Points deducted

Collecting bugs and fish

If a villager needs bugs or fish, you can collect them for her/him.

Recovering lost items

Points can be obtained by recovering bags or books you find on the ground. You can ask the villagers, they will tell you the location of the owner, and once you hand it over, you will get points. If you find the owner yourself, you will also get a bonus point.

Villager deliveries

Become the "postman" on your island and send gifts from one villager to another.

This is how you keep the villagers. Of course, if you are trying to get a villager to leave your island, we also provide some suggestions. For more ACNH guides, you can check them out at IGGM.

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