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ACNH: Destroying Islands May Reignite Players' Interests

Posted: May 26, 2021

ACNH can be said to be one of the most popular games. Its cute characters, island-hopping mechanics and peaceful atmosphere all make fans indulged, but after 15 months of release, ACNH is facing a big problem, but it may be resolved by destroying the island.

ACNH allows players to fully let their creative juices flow, endless customization options combined with terra formatting opportunities, which can make the island a real work of art. But there is a question here, if the player gets the island in the way he likes, what will happen next? After all, if the player has played the game for a year, they are likely to be tired of the game, because everything is perfect, there is no need to improve.

Except for the monthly events held in New Horizons, players seem to have no enthusiasm for continuing to play the game. Unless something uncontrollable happened to these islands, that is, destroying the island so that the players can rebuild it.

In ACNH, you will experience all kinds of weather throughout the game, including snowstorms in winter and rain showers in late summer. But these changes have never caused any real damage to the island. Therefore, we guess whether a destructive natural disaster (tornado or hurricane) can rekindle the creativity of players.

These natural disasters do not need to destroy the players’ islands, just by simply altering the modifications to a build or removing some trees on the island, the player should have a different idea based on the original and rebuild the island.

During the epidemic, ACNH is a good company, but as the reality gets better, ACNH seems to need more new content to retain fans. This is exactly what fans expect to see in the future.

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